After childbirth, women are left with a larger vaginal canal as the vagina becomes stretched beyond its elastic limits. This occurrence is known as vaginal laxity and could happen to any woman — even to those without children because it can also be the result of aging, menopause, or other causes.

As the lining of the vagina loses its elasticity and strength, this could cause other problems, such as pelvic organ prolapse and light bladder leakage. In fact, even in the absence of these problems, there could be cases where women can experience the following issues due to vaginal laxity:

– Loss of sensation in the pelvic area

– Decrease in sexual gratification

– Itchiness or dryness of the lining of the vagina

You don’t have to endure any of these, as there’s a procedure that could return your vaginal lining into a thicker, healthier, more elastic, and rejuvenated state. This procedure is known as ThermiVa.

How Can ThermiVa Help With Vaginal Laxity Reduction?

ThermiVa is a cosmetic procedure that is gaining popularity all over the globe. Though, in order to carry out this treatment, a specialist should have the skills needed to ensure that it’s properly performed.

ThermiVa is an effective, non-surgical, safe, and painless procedure that rejuvenates the vaginal canal, leaving it healthier, and thicker, and reverses the usual effects of aging, childbirth, and menopause.

Likewise, unlike other procedures, ThermiVa is a simple walk-in and walk-out procedure. There’s no downtime required, preparation before treatment, and best of all, there’s no need to take any antibiotics, painkillers, or any other medications before and after treatments!

In simpler terms, ThermiVa is a safe, complication-free treatment that can dramatically improve your sex life and help with vaginal laxity reduction.

What Are the Benefits of Vaginal Laxity Reduction?

Vaginal laxity reduction could help in resolving some of the most common female problems and offer the following benefits:

– Better sensation during sexual stimulation and intercourse.

– Restoration of vaginal tightness even after childbirth.

– Enhance lubrication of the vaginal canal.

– Prevention of the thinning effect of the vagina after menopause.

Rest assured that ThermiVa is completely safe and free from any side effects. In fact, even women who want to have another child, later on, can also undergo this procedure.

Non-Surgical Procedure

Unlike other vaginal surgery, there aren’t any cutting, injections, bleeding, or sutures during a ThermiVa treatment. That’s why it’s virtually painless and you wouldn’t feel any pain during and after the treatment. However, there can be a sensation of heat, but this can easily be resolved with the use of an anesthetic gel. Learn more: ThermiVa-What-to-Expect-2018

No Complications

We are proud to say that there haven’t been any reported problems related to this vaginal tightening treatment.

No Down Time Required

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, ThermiVa is a walk-in and walk-out procedure. You don’t have to prepare for anything before the treatment, and you are free to proceed with your normal activities after the treatment.

Vaginal Restoration with ThermiVa non surgical vaginal tightening in san diego, CA

Before the procedure, a cosmetic dermatology specialist at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology will conduct a thorough medical assessment to evaluate your gynecological health and see if you can be a candidate for this kind of treatment. The bladder should be full, so you can be assessed properly. That’s why it’s advisable to drink a liter of water at least an hour before the appointment.

Basically, a special attachment is utilized during vaginal laxity reduction treatment. This ensures a careful application of the thermal energy all over the vaginal canal being treated.

The goal of this procedure is to make sure that the painless heating effect shrinks the collagen fibers of the vaginal canal and promotes thickening, strengthening, and tightening at the same time. Aside from that, it also promotes better blood flow and nerve stimulation of the vaginal lining. This improves the sensation, as well as the lubrication of the vagina.

To ensure effective and long-lasting control of light bladder leakage, two treatments must be performed. The effects of these treatments are instant and the result should continue to improve in 24 weeks after each treatment as the body will continue to produce more collagen thereafter.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The vagina laxity reduction is a treatment free from any side effects. Though there are some women who have experienced minor issues, such as bleeding or spotting, and a stronger than usual discharge. Some have also noted a slight pain or discomfort that doesn’t last for more than a week. If you have any questions, please contact us today!

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