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New Acne Vaccine
Sculptra Treatment on the Stomach
Sculptra to the Knees
4:25 Snapchat Dysmorphia – Is It Real?
3:07 3D Printing Fully Functioning Organs
3:29 New Uses For Botox
2:44 How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?
1:46 Injectable Treatments at CLDerm
Non-Surgical Lip Lift with Dr. Fabi
1:33 Secrets To Glowing Skin With Dr. Goldman
0:42 Tattoo Removal: Ruby Laser
1:45 Tear Trough Correction Treatment
4:59 Adult Acne
5:24 Correcting Melasma With Lasers with Dr. Groff
1:14 All About CoolSculpting by Zeltiq
5:49 Pearly Penile Papules (PPP) Removal by Dr. Groff
2:21 Meet Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman
2:41 Meet Dr. Kimberly J. Butterwick
2:27 Meet Dr. Sabrina G. Fabi
2:26 Meet Dr. William Groff
2:48 ThermiTight for Body Contouring and Skin Tightening
2:44 A Patient’s Experience with Sclerotherapy
2:07 Sclerotherapy Treatment For Leg Veins
2:31 IPL Laser Treatment with Dr. Groff
2:42 Get To Know San Diego Dermatologist Dr. Goldman
4:28 What Is Rosacea? Dr. Goldman Explains
3:46 Welcome to Cosmetic Laser Dermatology
3:46 Tumescent Liposculpture with Dr. Groff
2:17 Laser Hair Removal
4:48 Liposonix Non-Surgical Fat Reduction
7:26 Skin Cancer Myths vs. Facts
5:02 Sculpted Arms with CoolSculpting
3:01 What is Scleroderma?
5:46 Treating Brown Spots with Dr. Groff
5:10 Varicose Veins With Dr. Goldman
5:56 Winter Skincare Tips
4:06 Popular Cosmetic Treatments For Men
6:16 Cutting Edge Skin Treatments With Dr. Groff
2:43 Meet Dr. Mitchel Goldman
0:57 Dr. Goldman Talks About Skin Treatments
5:03 PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal
1:34 Botox Treatments With Dr. Goldman
6:35 Pillow Face Non-Invasive Lift
3:12 Liposculpture and Fat Transfer with Dr. Butterwick
2:07 Dr. Goldman Discusses Sclerotherapy
2:11 Clear + Brilliant Laser Skin Care Treatment with Dr. Fabi
3:14 New Tanning Bed Regulations
5:53 CoolSculpting With Dr. Groff
2:04 Laser Vein Treatment in San Diego
1:20 Dr. Butterwick Discusses Weight Gain After Liposculpture
3:30 Restylane Treatment in San Diego
2:24 Get To Know Dr. Groff
3:33 Fat Grafting with Dr. Butterwick
1:07 San Diego Patient Testimonial For Dr. Mitchel P. Goldman
5:07 Ulthera Treatment With Dr. Fabi
3:06 Botox Injections With Dr. Groff
3:31 Sculptra Treatment With Dr. Butterwick
2:24 Actual Patient Undergoes Botox with Dr. Goldman
2:14 PDT Consultation With Dr. Fabi
2:01 Dr. Butterwick Discusses The AAD Lecture
2:10 Sculptra Treatment With Dr. Goldman
2:41 Dr. Fabi Treats Patient With IPL Rejuvenation
5:49 PPP Consultation With Dr. Groff
0:57 Sculptra Patient Testimonial
2:31 IPL in San Diego With Dr. Goldman
3:57 San Diego Fat Grafting with Dr. Butterwick
2:32 Sclerotherapy For Unwanted Leg Veins
4:13 ASDS President Dr. Goldman Discusses Increase in Aesthetic Procedures
3:52 Scar Removal After Breast Surgery | Mitchel P Goldman, MD
4:13 CoolSculpting For Fat Removal | Patient Experience
3:00 Dr. Fabi Discusses Ulthera Treatment in Spanish
4:42 Top Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures with Dr. Goldman
3:48 Ulthera Facelift Methods | Sabrina Fabi, M.D.
4:23 Back Acne Causes & Treatments | Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
3:16 Skin Care Tips For Summer | Dr. William Groff
3:37 Cellulite Causes & Solutions
3:36 Skincare for Men
3:08 Dr. Groff Discusses Rhinophyma
2:53 Dr. Fabi Discusses an Aging Chest
3:37 Dr. Goldman Shares Skin Care Resolutions for the New Year
3:48 Hand Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging Tips
2:58 Skin Care Expert Dr. Groff Discusses Treatments for Rosacea
3:00 Dr. Fabi Discusses Anti-Aging Treatments in Spanish
5:52 Dermatology Q&A with Dr. Groff
3:18 Tips for Restoring Your Skin
3:00 Precautions Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery
4:22 Treating Varicose Veins with Dr. Goldman
3:00 Tratamientos de antienvejecimiento en San Diego
4:19 Dr. Goldman Discusses Liposculpture
4:22 Teen Skin Cancer Risks with Dr. Fabi
3:57 Body Hair and Laser Hair Removal with Dr. Goldman
3:00 Escleroterapia de las várices y venas de araña en San Diego
4:01 Laser Tattoo Removal with Dr. Goldman
3:37 Botox for Migraines with Dr. Goldman
4:18 Hair Loss with Dr. Goldman
4:44 Healthy Aging with Dr. Goldman
3:05 Treating Facial Veins with Dr. Groff
4:02 What Causes Chapped Lips?
4:57 Dr. Goldman Discusses Adult Acne Treatment
3:21 Holiday Skin Care Tips with Dr. Goldman
3:39 Dr. Mitchel Goldman Discusses Laser Tattoo Removal with PicoSure
3:02 Dr. Goldman Discusses Skin Cancer Awareness and Prevention
3:55 Dr. Goldman Discusses Rosacea Awareness Month
5:05 Dr. Groff Demonstrates CoolSculpting for Thighs
5:37 Skin Cancer Detection & Prevention with Dr. Groff
6:59 Dr. Groff Answers Common Skin Care Questions
2:41 Belotero and Radiesse Treatment with Dr. Butterwick
2:56 Patient Undergoes Laser Hair Removal Treatment
4:29 Tratamiento de las Venas Varicosas
4:41 Dr. Fabi Performs Sclerotherapy on Leg Veins
7:29 Ask the Derm with Dr. Groff
3:06 Liquid Facelift with Dr. Fabi
5:19 Dr. Fabi Discusses CoolSculpting for Thighs in Spanish
3:23 CoolSculpting for Thighs with Dr. Fabi
6:56 All About Acne with Dr. Groff
3:58 Foods for Great Summer Skin with Dr. Goldman
2:27 Botox for Frown Lines and Crow’s Feet
7:34 Comic-Con Makeup Tips with Dr. Groff
3:53 Ultherapy for Chest Wrinkles with Dr. Goldman
3:27 Dr. Goldman Shares Skin Care Tips for Men
2:48 Lumenis ResurFX with Dr. Fabi in Spanish
2:42 ResurFX Laser with Dr. Fabi
1:18 Non-Surgical Lip Augmentation with Dr. Groff
3:56 Xeomin for Masseter Muscle Treatment
3:23 El Tratamiento de las Arrugas del Entrecejo y la Mandibula
7:35 Ask the Derm: Back to School Edition
1:41 ThermiLift Patient Testimonial
3:42 Dr. Groff Discusses ThermiLift for Anti-Aging
4:00 Choosing the Best Sunscreen
1:49 Ultherapy for Chest Wrinkles with Dr. Fabi
3:41 Dr. Fabi discusses Sclerotherapy on Univision!
5:03 Dr. Groff Answers Skincare Questions about the Hands
4:10 Protect Against Skin Cancer All Year Long
1:47 Ultherapy Neck Treatment
3:16 Get Kissable Lips for Valentine’s Day
4:00 Butt Lifts and Implants Becoming More Popular
5:47 Dr. Groff Answers Common Skincare and Aging Questions
3:42 Can Botox Treat Depression?
3:25 Gold Nano-Particle Liposuction
5:16 Ask the Derm: All About the Neck
3:45 Anti-Aging Tips for the Eyes
3:38 Advancements in Cosmetic Dermatology in 2015
4:03 Dr. Fabi on The Doctors Demonstrating Ultherapy for Chest Wrinkles
3:05 Get Holiday Party Ready
4:32 Ask The Derm: Holiday Skin Issues
4:21 Common Skincare Questions Answered by Dr. Groff
1:35 Restylane Silk with Dr. Butterwick
1:32 Fillers for Earlobe Rejuvenation
1:17 ResurFX for Fine Lines Around the Mouth
2:03 Voluma for Cheek and Jawline Rejuvenation | San Diego Dermatologist Dr. Butterwick
2:11 Correcting Dark Circles with Restylane | Expert San Diego Dermatologist
1:05 Botox for Muscle Relaxation | San Diego Botox | Dr. Butterwick
3:47 Rosacea Awareness | Expert San Diego Dermatologist Dr. Goldman
5:54 Ask the Derm: Dr. Groff Advises on Several Skin Conditions
1:02 Ask the Derm: Dr. Groff Discusses CoolSculpting
3:43 Ultherapy and Radiesse for Wrinkles on Hands and Chest | Expert San Diego Dermatologist | Dr. Fabi
3:51 Plastic Surgery & Aging
2:26 Bogus Botox | Dr. Butterwick | Cosmetic Laser Dermatology
1:38 Restylane Silk for Lost Lip Volume with Dr. Sabrina Fabi
4:18 Ask the Derm: Dr. Groff Discusses Kybella
5:09 Are Selfies Leading to More Cosmetic Surgery?
4:03 Combating Cellulite with Cellfina | Cosmetic Laser Dermatology | San Diego
2:42 Kybella
5:40 Ask the Derm
5:40 CoolSculpting
3:37 Melanoma Awareness
4:32 Ask The Derm: Dr. Groff
1:47 The Best Sunscreen for Total Defense Against UV Rays | Skin Medica
3:02 Anti-Aging Facial for Uneven Pigmentation and Dull Skin
3:42 Skin Damage Study for Infrared Rays
4:58 Back to School Health and Prevention
3:07 At-Home DNA Kits | Dr Fabi
3:32 How to Choose a Doctor
5:20 Ask the Derm | Dr. Groff
4:44 Skincare Damaging Coral Reefs
2:44 Selfies and Cosmetic Surgery
3:46 How to Stay Safe During Halloween
3:54 Plastic Surgery Trends: Neck Tightening, Double Chin Reduction
4:49 CoolMini, laser resurfacing, anti-aging
4:34 Restylane Silk for lip augmentation
4:57 How to reduce jowls, acne, and more
2:58 Cellfina para la eliminacion de la celulitis
3:53 Female viagra and ThermiVa
3:46 The Future of Healthcare
3:51 Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana
3:24 Ways to Reduce Turkey Neck
5:02 Ask the Derm: Tattoo removal, dry skin, more
3:36 Deep Vein Thrombosis
4:29 Cold and Flu Prevention
3:50 Plastic Surgery and Self Esteem
2:14 Sclerotherapy Patient Testimonial
14:29 Split Face Laser Treatment
2:12 Bike Accident Victim Scar Reduction
3:40 Toy Hazards this Holiday Season
3:45 Dangers of Excessive Drinking
4:11 New Years Hangover Relief
1:16 Sclerotherapy Patient Testimonial
1:54 Earlobe Rejuvenation with Restylane
2:54 Dangers of E-Cigarettes
3:54 Ask the Derm with Dr. Groff: Hair loss, jawline reduction, more
4:00 How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions
2:57 Unconventional Health Remedies
1:58 SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator
4:06 Risk of Lead in Cosmetics
3:46 Advanced Age and Fertility
5:14 Dr. Fabi’s Video Diary
3:47 Processed Meat Linked to Cancer Risk
2:24 Radiesse for Hands
3:00 Liposculpture for Abdomen
6:32 Live Botox Demonstration
3:20 Dr. Goldman Discusses Heart Disease in Women
3:49 Dangers of WiFi
3:35 Dermal Filler Technique with Dr. Butterwick
3:38 Alzheimer’s and Your Diet
3:31 Dr. Goldman Discusses Migraine Headaches
3:37 Sculptra of the Midface with Dr. Fabi
3:37 Anti-Aging Skincare
5:20 Ask the Derm with Dr. Groff: Spring Break
1:41 Clear+Brilliant Laser with Dr. Butterwick
2:27 Herpes (HSV) Vaccine
3:04 The Healing Power of Music
4:06 Sun Exposure Study
1:47 Dangers of Filler Done Abroad
4:24 Ask the Derm: Bad Lip Filler, Dark Underarms, More
3:33 45 Minute Facelift
2:52 Probiotics and Autism
3:37 Preventing Skin Cancer
3:28 Leg Vein Treatment
4:01 Bicycle Safety
2:23 Zika Virus Outbreak
4:23 Summer Sun and Your Skin
3:59 Risks of a Gluten Free Diet
3:05 Summer Allergies
3:40 Dr. Goldman Discusses Water Safety
4:31 “Ask the Derm” with Dr. Groff: Name That Rash
3:10 What is the “God Pill”?
3:45 Computer Vision Syndrome
3:52 Balding Breakthrough
3:16 Lead Poisoning in Children
3:04 Plastic Surgery Trends
5:59 “Ask the Derm” Summer Advice
4:13 Early Onset Alzheimer’s
3:28 Impact of Ozone on Skin
3:47 Male vs Female Brains
3:59 Secrets to a Long Life
4:24 Ask the Derm: Pigmentation Problems and More
3:22 How Diet Affects Your Skin
4:13 Signs and Symptoms of Concussion
4:02 Importance of Vaccinations
0:53 Silhouette InstaLift with Dr. Butterwick
4:04 Helping Your Children Stay Healthy in College
5:39 Ask the Derm: Common Skin Conditions in Schoolchildren
2:32 Silhouette InstaLift Procedure with Dr. Butterwick
3:50 Home Remedies for Sunburn
3:53 Is Daily Baby Aspirin Dangerous?
4:30 The Best Anti-Aging Diets
3:56 Insomnia and Sleeping Aids
3:47 Holistic Solutions for Exercise, Sleep, and Stress
3:41 Do You Suffer From Ringing in the Ears?
3:50 How Smoking Makes You Look Older
4:24 Ask the Derm: Can Dry Shampoo Cause Balding?
3:38 The Numerous Health Benefits of Exercise
3:44 Is Bacteria Good for Your Health?
2:42 The Fight Against Lupus
4:07 The Best Ways to Avoid the Flu
3:43 Fighting Fall Allergies
3:59 The Physical and Psychological Effects of Eczema
4:52 Ask the Derm: How Can Botox Slim Your Jawline?
1:57 Ulitizando Colageno Natural Para Aumentar y Levantar Los Gluteo
1:30 Slimming the Jawline with Dysport Injections
3:48 Volbella Lip Injections with Dr. Fabi
3:26 When Should You Be Screened for Prostate Cancer?
0:54 Sculptra to Treat Crepey Skin of the Inner Arm
3:47 Benefits and Considerations for Marijuana Use
2:43 The Alarming Trend of ADHD in Adults
0:56 ThermiVA: Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening Treatment
3:37 Toy Safety: Choking Hazards, Projectiles, Lead, and Chemicals
3:24 Heart Attacks – Symptoms, Cardiac Arrest, and Preventative Measures
4:22 Ask the Derm: Common Dermatology Treatments During the Holiday Season
3:51 Cold & Flu Season – What Can You Do to Minimize the Symptoms
3:43 Allergies: Common Allergens, Latest Targeted Medication, and Modern Treatments
3:44 Hangovers – Causes, Remedies, and What to Avoid
3:53 Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions
3:03 Cosmetic Surgery Trends in 2017
3:15 Causes and Treatments for a Chronic Cough
3:56 Detection and Prevention of Cervical Cancer
3:41 Microwave Safety Tips
3:15 Restylane Defyne and Refyne Volume Treatment
1:13 Microneedling with a San Diego Aesthetician
2:41 Ask the Expert: Dr. Butterwick on Lip Filler Treatment Tips in San Diego
1:04 Botox Injections for Wrinkle Treatment in San Diego
4:07 Dr. Goldman on Marijuana Use During Pregnancy on Fox News
2:48 Sclerotherapy Treatment by Dr. Fabi in San Diego
3:43 Dr. Fabi on Dangerous Household Chemicals for Fox 5
5:11 Ask the Derm: New Face Fillers – Restylane Defyne and Refyne
2:24 Benefits of Dark Chocolate
2:09 Dermal Fillers for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
4:28 Heart Disease in Women
1:51 Sclerotherapy Treatment for Leg Vein Removal
3:07 Tumescent Liposuction for Fat Removal
5:23 Botox Treatment Booming Among Millennials
3:31 Your DNA and Your Diet
5:55 Liposculpture for Fat Removal and Body Contouring
4:00 Testosterone Therapy
2:49 Night Owls vs Early Birds
4:29 Sculptra Treatment for Adding Volume to the Buttocks
3:46 Guidelines for Treating Fainting
4:41 Protect Your Skin During Spring Break
3:44 Concussions in High School Sports
2:01 Cellfina for Cellulite Treatment
3:12 Blood Cancer Linked to Breast Implants
1:12 Importance of Sunscreen
2:03 Future home of West Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center
3:48 Risk of Diabetes
4:44 Exercising as Medicine
3:08 Laser Hair Treatment Breakdown
2:28 Kybella Injections To The Knees
2:16 West Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center Update
2:42 Rosacea Awareness Month
4:02 Treating Spider Veins
3:35 Using Stem Cells to Treat Burns
9:09 Juvederm Vollure Injection Treatment
3:20 Spring Allergies
2:50 UCSD Working on Acne Vaccine
2:21 Holistic Approach to Anti-Aging
1:39 CoolSculpting Treatment on the Inner Thighs
1:38 Treating Acne Scars with Clear + Brilliant
4:44 Skin Cancer Awareness Month
3:24 The Future of Aging
1:26 PicoWay Laser Treatment
1:48 Colorescience Sunscreen Products
1:36 West Dermatology and CLDerm Office Merge
3:46 Vaccinations
4:35 Name That Rash
2:52 Clear + Brilliant Laser Treatment
3:28 Dangers of Driving on Prescription Drugs
3:09 The Power of Pink Noise
2:36 Future Home of West Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center — Part 5!
3:24 Myths About Cholesterol
2:46 What is Dry Drowning?
3:48 Water Safety
2:07 Keyhole Pout Injectable Procedure
3:41 Cellulite Treatments
4:03 “Blue Light” Effects on Health
3:47 Treatments for Rosacea
2:14 Keyhole Pout Injectable Procedure Follow Up
3:45 Air Pollution Dangers
4:17 The Science of Sunscreen
4:08 Back to School, Back to Germs
3:30 Link Between Cancer and Gum Disease
3:15 Early Adulthood Weight Gain Dangers
4:25 Migraine Headaches
3:28 Head Lice Becoming Tougher to Treat
4:17 Dangers of Counterfeit Medical Devices
1:22 Keyhole Pout with Dr. Butterwick
3:40 Seasonal Flu Prevention
4:37 New Hope for IVF Success
2:52 Introducing the New Thermage FLX Skin Treatment
3:56 ThermiTight Procedure for Skin Tightening
3:34 November is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
3:11 Virtual Reality in Medical Training
2:49 Laser Resurfacing Skin Treatment
1:20 Customized Facial Treatment
4:07 Skin Cancer Take A Hike!
2:07 West Dermatology Research Center
3:41 Talking About Menopause
3:35 What is it Like to be in a Research Trial?
2:34 Toys for Tots Drive
3:44 Burn and Smoke Inhalation Dangers
3:23 Liver Disease
3:13 Melasma During Pregnancy
2:35 Sculptra Treatment to the Chest with Dr. Fabi
3:01 Severe Flu Season
2:50 Dr. Groff Introduces the Pro-Nox Nitrous Oxide System
2:57 Maintenance Facial Treatments on Facebook Live
0:54 Dr. Wu Removes an Eyeliner Tattoo
4:19 Side Effects of Tamiflu
2:30 Dr. Wu Discusses Clear + Brilliant Laser on San Diego Connect
0:37 Lucy & Co. Lip Plumper Clinical Study
3:21 Stomach Fat Removal Patch
3:12 Heart Disease in Women
1:41 Dr. Goldman Shows Us the CLDerm Retail Center
1:29 Dr. Wu Removes Two Cysts on the Face
3:35 New R & D Blueprint Can Diagnose Diseases
4:41 Combination IPL with Clear & Brilliant Treatment
4:11 Dangers of Essential Oils in Lotions
0:30 CoolSculpting at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology
3:29 California Has 8 of 10 Most Polluted U.S. Cities
4:12 Implant That Can Detect Cancer
3:19 Dr. Goldman’s Birthday Video
3:31 New Tape Test Helps Detect Melanoma
1:30 IPL Photofacial Skin Treatment
4:59 Protecting Your Skin From Harmful Rays
3:26 How to Treat Ocular Melanoma
3:06 Live Sclerotherapy Treatment on the Leg
2:08 Risk of Skin Cancer in the Military
4:03 Most Popular Dermatology Skin Care Treatments
2:37 Xeomin Treatment for Lines Around the Lip
1:22 IPL Photofacial Laser Skin Treatment
CoolSculpting Treatment for Fat Removal
0:54 Dr. Wu Discusses Filler Complications

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