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Fraxel Re:store Dual is is a fantastic treatment for reducing the appearance of unsightly brown spots on the skin. In fact, our dermatology experts have completed more Fraxel Re:store Dual procedures than any other medical practice in the world! If you are looking for brown spot treatment or in San Diego, look no further than the offices of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology!

The latest generation of Fraxel lasers is the Re:store Dual, which uses two different wavelengths. One wavelength is the 1550 nm wavelength, which has been updated from earlier versions and, thus, is even faster and more effective.  The second laser is a Thulium, which is a superficial laser that is more efficient than even the Erbium. It also has a 1927 nm wavelength, allowing for more precision when targeting troublesome areas while leaving more surrounding tissue unharmed.

To make the skin resurfacing procedure even safer and more comfortable, the Fraxel Dual has a focal cooling technique that limits any burning or pain during the procedure.

This dual Fraxel laser is gentle and safe enough for both the face and the body, and both wavelengths can be combined into one treatment session. Treatment is very tolerable – many patients in San Diego don’t require a topical numbing agent, although it is available for any patient who wants to ensure a comfortable, virtually painless session.

The Differences Between Re:store Dual and Re:store

The differences between Fraxel Re:store and Fraxel Re:store Dual might seem small, but they are noticeable and significant. Simply put, the two capabilities of the Dual offer more thorough treatment for more advanced skin issues than the single laser of the Re:store, including the following:

  • Improved Erbium 1550 nm laser means fewer treatments
  • The cooling technique for the Thulium 1927 nm laser means a more comfortable experience for patients
  • More precise treatment and better elimination of brown spots
  • Versatility to treat multiple conditions at one time, including scars from acne, surgery, or injury
  • Dual lasers combine for deeper treatment to better stimulate collagen production
  • Quicker procedure (15 minutes or less for the face)
  • Comfortable balanced application of the laser leads to better skin texture and smoother skin

The combination of two lasers often produces more swelling and redness than with each laser by itself. For many patients, this results in 2-3 days of social downtime, but the resulting effects are worth it. For mild skin complaints or a more gradual treatment plan, the Fraxel Re:store laser is often recommended.

Fraxel Dual For Asian Skin

Did you know that Asian skin is more prone to a skin condition called melasma? Melasma causes patchy brown spots to appear on the face. Asian patients who want to remove these brown spots can seek treatment using Fraxel Dual in San Diego in order to regain their clear and fresh looking skin. The dermatology experts at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology can use the Fraxel Dual treatment to penetrate deep into the skin and help Asian patients eliminate the effects of melasma on their face.

What to Expect

Fraxel for Skin Rejuvenation in San Diego

The Re:store Dual has shown consistently effective results for brown spots, sun spots, and age spots. One treatment in our San Diego office can result in a noticeably clearer skin within 7-10 days in such commonly affected areas as the face, hands, and chest. The duration of a patient’s results depends on the extent of the skin problem and the patient’s goals as well as sun protection habits, hormone activity, and more.

Recovery typically involves redness and swelling during the first 2-3 days before the skin browns as if you’ve gotten a tan. Finally, there could be 2-3 days of skin flaking as the treated layer falls off and is replaced by a newer, softer layer of skin.

What to Expect During Your Procedure:

  • There will be multiple passes made over the treatment area with the handpiece
  • The handpiece is “rolled” on the surface of the skin
  • The sensation of heat (similar to grease “splattering”) increases as the treatment continues
  • Cold air is applied directly to the skin surface as it is being treated to help decrease the sensation of heat

Read our pre/post treatment guidelines for Fraxel Re:Store Dual.

What to Expect After Your Procedure:

  • You will have a sensation of heat/deep sunburn that will subside every hour after the procedure; OK to take Tylenol 500-1000mg or Ibuprofen 400-600mg
  • You will have redness & mild swelling
  • Apply sunscreen with Zinc Oxide &/or Titanium Dioxide daily. Protect treated area from the sun both indoors & outdoors (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen). *UVA rays will penetrate through windows
  • Ice packs (20 min. on, 20 min. off) day of procedure & following day will help reduce the sensation of heat & help to minimize swelling; protect skin w/ a gauze pad or handkerchief before applying ice to the skin
  • Swelling typically peaks at 48-72 hours. Sleeping with your head elevated on 2 to 3 pillows for the first 3 nights will help minimize swelling
  • It’s OK to shower on the day of your procedure
  • Gentle cleansing is fine—we have a number of gentle cleansers you can buy or you can use Cetaphil cleanser (over the counter in the pharmacy)
  • Superficial, grainy crust is normal & could last up to 1 week
  • Redness is normal & could last up to 1 week or more
  • Apply moisturizer as often as needed to help with dryness; check with your doctor to find out which moisturizer is most effective
  • You can wear make-up if approved by your physician– as long as you are not rubbing, picking or wiping off the surface of the skin when applying or removing make-up


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Fraxel Re:store Dual Laser Dr. Groff (5:24)
Fraxel Re:store Dual Patient Testimony (2:57)
Alexandrite and Fraxel Dual Laser by Dr. Boen (1:00)
Fraxel Dual Restore Laser with Dr. Groff (1:36)


Q: Who Is A Good Candidate For The Fraxel Re:store Dual Treatment?

A: Candidates for Fraxel Re:store Dual in San Diego include people who want to diminish the appearance of brown pigmentation and hyperpigmentation on their skin using a minimally invasive procedure that requires little to no downtime. The Fraxel Re:store Dual treatment requires multiple treatment sessions, however, the process yields results that can be seen both instantly and gradually over time.

Q: How Does The Fraxel Re:store Dual Treatment Work?

A: The Fraxel Re:store Dual is a unique and revolutionary laser treatment that combines two lasers into one! The Fraxel Dual contains an additional laser wavelength that is extremely effective in reducing the appearance of brown spots and hyperpigmentation. The laser treatment goes deep into the skin to promote new and healthy skin cell growth. Fraxel Re:store Dual is a fractional treatment, meaning that the laser targets one portion of skin tissue at a time and does not affect the surrounding tissue. Unlike other methods to treat brown spots, Fraxel Re:store Dual for brown spots is a less invasive procedure that requires little to no downtime for recovery!

Other Options

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Our world-renowned team of dermatology specialists at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego can provide more information about alternatives for Fraxel Re:store Dual, such as microdermabrasion and IPL treatments that can also treat your unsightly and embarrassing brown spots and hyperpigmentation.


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