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Juvederm Dermal Filler in San Diego

Juvederm is a smooth gel injectable filler made from hyaluronic acid (a naturally-occurring substance in the body). Juvederm is used by our medical spa in San Diego to effectively soften those deep folds and lines that develop over time in the face. Officially approved by the FDA for the treatment of nasolabial folds (also known as “smile lines”) Juvederm is also commonly used to enhance the size and shape of lips.


The primary use of this dermal filler treatment is to add volume back to your face. Over time, areas of the face naturally lose volume as a part of the aging process. By injecting a dermal filler treatment into these areas of the face, we can smooth out wrinkles and folds by adding back that precious volume that has been lost.

Common Juvederm Areas we Treat at our Medical Spa

Juvederm injections can be used to improve the following areas:

  • Marionette lines
  • Corners of the mouth (smoker’s lines)
  • Superficial forehead lines
  • Lip borders and vertical lip lines
  • Smile lines (nasolabial folds)
  • Nose shaping
  • Cheek definition
  • Under eye circles, tear troughs
  • Facial symmetry  

Know Your Injectables

Infographic about injectables and what to know before you get the procedure done

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What to Expect

Juvederm Volume Restoration

Juvéderm is injected into the skin to create volume, resulting in a healthy and rejuvenated appearance. Using a very fine needle, to minimize pain or discomfort, our doctors will inject small amounts into the area where results are desired. The injections create volume by filling your lips, wrinkles or folds, for a more youthful appearance. When injected into the lip it can restore a more natural and plump look.

This dermal filler treatment is generally quick and simple. Afterward, you may experience some very minor side effects including swelling, redness and some tenderness. These Juvederm side effects do not last more than a day or so.

Juvéderm Voluma

Our practice also offers patients Juvederm Voluma, which is FDA-approved to restore lost volume to the mid-face, cheek, cheekbone, and chin area. Ask our dermatologists which type of treatment for Juvéderm is right for you!

Juvéderm Vollure XC

Juvéderm’s latest hyaluronic acid filler is called Vollure XC, which received FDA approval in 2016. Vollure is a game-changing filler the is formulated specifically to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles, particularly the nasolabial folds around the nose and mouth. The HA gel filler has a thicker consistency that is perfectly suited to lift and support creases and folds from deep in the skin, achieving improved volume and an overall more youthful appearance.

Juvéderm Volbella

Juvéderm Volbella uses a new, patented hyaluronic acid (HA) formula called Vycross that absorbs less water, resulting in reduced swelling compared to other HA products without this revolutionary technology. Volbella is incredibly smooth and soft, which makes it ideal for lip augmentation as well as treating the delicate under eye area, reducing dark circles, hollows, and under eye bags. Volbella also contains the numbing agent lidocaine, which helps reduce the mild tingling or stinging sensation that many patients experience with each lip enhancement or wrinkle-smoothing injection.

For more information about Juvederm treatments, visit the official website.


Juvéderm injection for fuller lips
Voluma, Juvéderm, and Botox treatment for facial rejuvenation
Before and After Juvéderm for Lip Enhancement
Before and after Juvéderm to plump lips


Earlobe Rejuvenation with Juvederm (1:32)
Corrected Lip Filler Injections by Dr. Wu (0:59)
Injecting Lip Filler Juvederm Ultra with Dr. Boen (0:35)


Q: How does it work?

A: Juvederm treatment is made of a natural hyaluronic acid, which adds volume back to facial tissue, resulting in a rejuvenated appearance. Learn more about Juvederm lip injection treatment on juvederm.com.

Q: How soon will I see results?

A: You will see the full results of the injections immediately after the procedure. Although, you may have some swelling right after the Juvederm treatment, so your face will appear to more volumized. Within a few days, the swelling will go down and you will be able to see the true results.

Q: How many treatments will I need?

A: Treatments for Juvederm vary among patients, however, on average, patients need 3 treatment sessions, each 4 weeks apart, to experience the best results.

Q: How long does the anti-wrinkle treatment last?

A: Generally, the effects last for about 9 months, but this varies slightly from patient to patient. Once the effects wear off, it is safe to repeat the Juvederm injections as necessary.

Q: How much downtime is required?

A: There is very little social downtime after a treatment for Juvederm. You may have some swelling, numbness, and redness for a few hours following the Juvederm procedure, but you will be able to go back about your daily activities as soon as you feel comfortable with how you look.

Q: Do Juvederm injections hurt?

A: Our doctors use a very thin needle to reduce pain or discomfort. Additionally, a topical anesthetic can be applied before the procedure to further minimize discomfort, but this is usually not necessary.

Q: What are the side effects?

A: The side effects are minimal, but common side effects can include localized pain, inflammation, redness, itching, bruising and/or swelling. These are all normal side effects and disappear within a few days.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Each patient’s needs are different, so there is not one base cost of Juvederm. We will assess your personal needs and let you know how much your Juvederm treatment will cost. Call our San Diego office to schedule a consultation with any of our dermal filler specialists.

Q: I am 58 and have a botched nose job which left a dent, would fillers fix this?

A: A board-certified dermatologist who is an expert at performing nonsurgical nose jobs with hyaluronic-acid based fillers can disguise your bump and dent. Juvederm or Restylane are good choices for injectable rhinoplasty. Because there’s not a lot of motion in your nose, the fillers could last for six months or even longer. Be sure to consult a board-certified dermatologist who can show you beautiful before-and-after results from nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

Q: I have had dermal filler in the tear trough area 2 months ago. I wanted to have botox also to correct my frown lines & crows feet, but was recommended to have cheek fillers 1st and then botox. Does it matter which order I get this done?

A: Your doctor may have advised getting a dermal filler in your cheeks first because it will lift your skin at the sides of your eyes slightly and may improve your crow’s feet. However, if your crow’s feet are deep, it really wouldn’t make much of a difference. You can get the Botox first, the fillers first, or both on the same day. It’s your choice. Please consult a board-certified dermatologist who is an expert at rejuvenating the face with Botox and fillers.

Q: Unhappy with lip injections. Want to avoid the duck lips and have them plump and fuller but natural looking.

A: From your photos, it seems that your injector chose the wrong area to treat. Lip augmentation with dermal fillers should look soft and natural, not overdone or “duckish.” Take the time to find a top-notch, board-certified dermatologist who is an expert at lip augmentation and make sure you check out their before-and-after photos. The filler you have now can be dissolved with hyaluronidase and a new filler such as Volbella correctly placed to give you the fuller, natural-looking lips you want.

Q: Seven years ago, I suffered an injury causing one of my tooth to fall out and a cut to the lining of my upper lip which required stitching preformed at the A&E. Due to the stitching, I have a very lob-sided appearance on my upper lip, rough lip texture and a stone like lump in my lip.

A: Sorry for your troubles. The lopsided appearance of your lips can be rectified with Volbella or another hyaluronic-acid based dermal filler. An expert can insert the filler in such a way that it reveals more of your lip’s natural vermillion (red part), to make both lips look symmetrical. The texture of your lips can be improved with microneedling to stimulate more collagen. Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist will allow your lips to be evaluated in person and the best remedies are chosen.

Q: Can fillers improve my close-set eyes?

A: You can use injectable hyaluronic-acid based fillers to widen the bridge of your nose. I’m not sure that this would create the illusion of wider-set eyes for the average viewer, but if you liked the look when your nose was swollen, then I say give it a try. Be sure to consult a board-certified dermatologist who is an expert with dermal fillers, as injecting near the eyes requires skill and knowledge of anatomy.

Q: Hi, i am thinking to do a nose filler injection, but my family is very old fashioned and we stay together, will they notice if i have done my nose job?

A: Your family is very familiar with your face and will undoubtedly notice if you make a change, such as getting a nonsurgical rhinoplasty with dermal fillers. One way you can sometimes hide/deflect a cosmetic change like that is to get a haircut the same day. Sometimes the new style convinces your friends and coworkers that your hair accounts for the undefinable improvement in your appearance. The only way you can know for sure is to try it, as long as you are over 18 and can make these decisions for yourself. Be sure to consult a board-certified dermatologist who is an expert with injectable fillers to perform your nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

Q: Can I achieve these results without surgery? Non surgical nose job? Fillers? Jawline contouring?

A: Nonsurgical facelifts can dramatically improve the look and contours of your face: Botox to slim the masseters and make your face more heart-shaped, Voluma to create more lift and definition in the midface, Juvederm to smooth out the crookedness in your nose and add volume to your lips. Botox to raise the nose tip. The results may not be exactly like your ideal, but they could be close. Be sure to consult a board-certified dermatologist who is an expert at contouring and reshaping the face with fillers and Botox.

Q: Can't smile fully? Basically my lips are really small and thin.

A: It’s normal for the lips to thin out during a smile. If your lips are thin to begin with, they can almost seem to disappear. You can get a big improvement on the shape and volume of your lips by using a hyaluronic-acid based dermal filler such as Restylane, Juvederm, or Volbella. As for your smile itself, you may be over-clenching muscles that could be relaxed with a little Botox. Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist will allow you to get a full evaluation of your lips and smile and receive the remedies that will make you feel better and smile more confidently.

Q: My lips have always been slightly uneven. But they have gotten worse over time what can be done to make them normal? Also larger.

A: You could get a lovely improvement in the shape, symmetry, and volume of your lips with a hyaluronic-acid based dermal filler, such as Volbella (most subtle and lovely), Restylane Silk or Juvederm (added volume). One plus of adding volume to your lips is that it makes your entire face look younger. Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist will help you decide just how much fuller you want to go.

Q: What's the cost of a liquid face lift?

A: Liquid facelifts have no definitive cost because they are tailored to your individual needs. You may need Botox and various dermal fillers including Sculptra, Voluma, Juvederm, and Restylane. You should start consulting board-certified dermatologists who can evaluate your needs in person and give you an estimate.

Q: Kylie Jenner Lips filler goals - how much filler?

A: You need a significant amount of volume to mimic Kylie Jenner’s overfilled look. I’d suggest starting slow, with just a syringe of Juvederm or another thicker filler like that. Once a month, you return to your dermatologist til you get the look you want. When you reach your goal, you maintain it with another syringe or two every several months. Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist will give you a better idea of what it will take to reach your goal. You can also discuss in more depth the kind of lips that would look best on you — not Kylie.

Q: Will doctors provide allergy tests for Voluma, Sculptura, Restylane Defyne/Refyne, Juvederm?

A: The ingredients in dermal fillers are nonirritating and biocompatible. Hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient in all of the Juvederm and Restylane products, and it’s found in our own bodies naturally. Sculptra uses microparticles made of a biocompatible material. If you’re highly allergic or easily irritated, you could always request the equivalent of a patch test. Be sure to consult a board-certified dermatologist who has expert injection technique.

Q: Physician advises against dissolving lip filler saying it could make my lips worse. Is that true?

A: Using hyaluronidase to dissolve lip filler, if done correctly, will not make your lips look worse although sometimes multiple treatments are required to achieve the desired reduction. However, once it’s all dissolved, your lips return to their natural shape. If you’re not getting the results or answers you need from your current injector, I’d suggest finding a board-certified dermatologist who has a lot of experience with lip augmentation and gets good results from hyaluronidase, too.

Q: I got a terrible lip injections and now I don't know what to do. My upper lip is massive.

A: Just as it may take some time to find the perfect hair stylist, so it may take time to find a board-certified dermatologist who can get you the results you want. Before rushing to a new injector, I’d recommend spending some time interviewing the best dermatologists in your area, looking at their before-and-after photos, and talking to current clients. I often see patients who have had an unsatisfying experience with lip filler at other practices and in many cases the problem can be solved with an injection to dissolve the unwanted filler. Finding the right practitioner makes all the difference between happy and unhappy results.

Q: I have been injected in my cheeks and folds on either side of my nose with other juvederm products. I rememebr feeling the bumps, with my fingers, under my skin, but they were not visible when I was at rest. I'm not sure when BUT those bumps/masses/pillows under my skin, eventually just went away. So what exactly happend there? These fillers go in the skin as a mass of gel, stay uniform, and then break apart after a week or two?

A: The lumps and bumps you may feel after having a treatment with a hyaluronic-acid based filler such as Volbella, Juvederm, Restylane, or Belotero, is almost always because of swelling due to the injections themselves. When your skin is broken by a needle or cannula, your body’s immune system rushes in to repair the tiny wound. That swelling resolves pretty quickly. The product is administered so that it is already in the correct places at the correct degree of thickness — if it was administered by an expert board-certified dermatologist.

Q: I am thinking of getting a liquid facelift. Are injectables painful?

A: Pain thresholds vary by patient, but most men and women do not find injectable dermal fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Volbella, to be particularly painful. We try and perform injection techniques that minimize any pain as well as the number of needle sticks. Almost all injectable dermal fillers contain the anesthetic lidocaine in the formulation that makes the injections less uncomfortable. If you are getting a liquid facelift and have a low pain threshold — or are just nervous about the procedure — your doctor can apply a numbing cream to your skin. We also offer nitrous oxide treatment at an additional cost if it is necessary but find that 99% of our patients do just fine. Please consult a board-certified dermatologist who is an expert at liquid facelifts and bring up your concerns about pain during your meeting. He or she will find you the right solution so you can get the nonsurgical rejuvenation you want without any undue discomfort.

Q: I want to get my lips fixed to correct their uneven shape and get them augmented because when I smile, they curl inwards and disappear. What do you suggest I should get done on them and how much would it cost me?

A: Your lips can definitely be augmented in a very natural and beautiful way with hyaluronic acid based fillers. For volumization, I recommend Juvederm. Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist will allow you to get clearer about how much volume you want. Fillers last anywhere from 6 months to 18 months.

Q: Lip injections for African American woman? I would like my upper lip - not only to be more symmetrical - but also a bit fuller.

A: The hyaluronic-acid based dermal fillers, such as Juvederm, Restylane Silk, and Volbella can help you achieve the symmetry and volume you desire. Depending on where you want the most volume and where the least, you could sculpt your upper lip by layering different fillers, as they have different properties. Volbella and Restylane Silk are best for restoring symmetry and making subtle changes. Juvederm adds more dramatic volume. Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist will let you achieve the look you want.

Q: What would you do to fix lower face issues? Will princess Voluma or Juvederm, Radiesse etc help?

A: It looks like you have some skin laxity issues on your skin. If you’d like to improve your neck and lower face, the most effective treatment would be something we call ThermiSculpture — a combination of liposuction of the chin with ThermiTight, which tightens the skin using radiofrequency energy. If you want to wait until you’ve lost more weight, you can create a mini lift in the upper face in the meaintime that will help lift the lower face, too. Using dermal fillers and collagen stimulators, such as Sculptra, Voluma, and Juvederm, can create a liquid facelift that may raise your mood as well as your face. It won’t be as dramatic a change as surgery, but it does freshen up your look and give you a confidence boost. Be sure to consult a board-certified dermatologist who has experience rejuvenating the face nonsurgically to get the most satisfying results.

Q: I would like my lip to be even when I smile. Is there anything I can do about this as it is making my face look long?

A: Plumping up your lips will create a shorter visual distance between the top of your upper lip and the bottom of your nose. Just a little extra volume in the lips using hyaluronic-acid based fillers such as Belotero, Juvederm, Restylane, Restylane Silk and Volbella can light up your entire face. Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist will help you make the improvements you desire.

Q: What's wrong with my lips and how can I fix them? How much will they cost me?

A: Your bottom lip is disproportionately large in comparison to your top lip (the ideal ratio is 3:2), and you have slight asymmetry. These can be corrected with hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers such as Volbella, Juvederm, Belotero and Restylane. They can last between 6 months and a year or more, depending on which you choose and how much of a change you would like to make. Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist will allow you to the get the answers you need.

Q: What type of lip injections do you recommend? Would like to get rid of cupid's bow?

A: Your cupid’s bow is not particularly pronounced. Any of the dermal fillers we commonly use for lip augmentation, such as Volbella, Juvederm, or Restylane could beautifully reshape your upper lip. Volbella lasts the longest — up to a year or more — but gives the most subtle results. Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist will help you decide which to use.

Q: What are the longest lasting and best lip fillers if I aim to increase lip size?

A: My personal favorite dermal filler for lip augmentation is Volbella, simply because it is very natural looking and feeling, plus it lasts up to a year or more. However, if you’re looking for more dramatic volume, then Belotero, Juvederm, Restylane or Restylane Silk may be better choices. These will last about 6 months each. Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist will allow you to explore more about the benefits of each of these fillers so you can choose the one that will give you the effect you want.

Q: What should I do to get rid of the deep parentheses lines on the sides of my mouth?

A: You would do well with hyaluronic-acid fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, to fill in your parentheses lines. To keep your skin looking good over the long term, you might also consider regular chemical peels or resurfacing with Fraxel or another laser. These procedures stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin, which will help keep your skin healthy and strong. Be sure to consult a board-certified dermatologist who has a number of anti-aging modalities to offer you.

Q: I have almost no top lip with kind of hang. When I press down right below my nose the rest of my top lip pops out and it’s beautiful! I had a filler done years ago but it didn’t help.

A: I’m not sure why dermal fillers didn’t help plump up your top lip the last time you got them. They should. You need to spend time finding an expert, though, to be sure you receive the right filler, the right amount, and injected in the right places. I never recommend surgery for the lips; it rarely looks natural. A hyaluronic-acid based filler such as Belotero could give you a big improvement. Consulting with a board-certified dermatologist is the first step toward getting the lips you want.

Q: Can Juvederm and Botox be used together?

A: Yes. The mechanism of action for Juvederm is different than Botox because Juvederm adds back volume whereas Botox Cosmetic simply stops muscle contraction. These very different methods yield different results. However, these popular facial injections are often used together to give you greater results. We use Botox to prevent new wrinkles from forming and Juvederm treatment to fill the ones that you already have. Additionally, studies have shown that by combining these two the results of the treatment for Juvederm will last longer. By minimizing muscle contractions with a neuromodulator, the effects of a filler last longer. During your consultation, our doctors will let you know if this combination Juvederm treatment will work for you.

Juvederm Alternatives

Restylane Cosmetic Laser Dermatology Belotero Cosmetic Laser Dermatology

In addition to Juvederm, our medical spa in San Diego offers a wide variety of dermal fillers, including Restylane and Belotero, and collagen-boosters like Sculptra to help improve volume loss and smooth away early signs of aging.


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