Cosmetic Laser Dermatology works hard to remain at the forefront of laser and cosmetic surgery research while maintaining the highest industry standards. Our studies are conducted by board-certified dermatologists in pursuit of advancing the field of cosmetic and laser dermatology while optimizing the appearance of your skin in the process. We’ve been a part of over 280 studies since 1974!

Eligible trial participants may receive free treatment and even additional compensation for their particular trial provided they participate fully in all necessary observation periods, reporting sessions with the doctors, etc. for the duration of the study.

Please call 858-657-1004 or email [email protected] to see if you are eligible for one of our studies.

Learn what it's like to be enrolled in our studies

Participating in a clinical trial is not unlike going to a doctor’s appointment. You will meet with the coordinator and investigator for the trial to determine whether you are eligible to participate in the trial, which may require lab work or additional evaluations. Once enrolled, participants attend a treatment visit to receive the medication or treatment, which may take 30 minutes to two hours depending on the medication, injectable product, laser or device that is being tested. In order to monitor the results, participants may be asked to return for a follow-up appointment weekly, monthly, or every three months, depending on the treatment.

In many cases, clinical trial sponsors often provide participants with compensation for their time. To participate in additional studies, participants must wait at least 30 days after concluding a trial before they can be considered eligible.

If you are interested in participating in one of our many exciting clinical research studies, please provide us with as much information as possible and a member of our research team will contact you shortly.


For Males/Females 16 years and older for acne and 18 years and older for acne scars

Concern: Moderate facial acne or acne scars for all skin types

Study Specifics: Investigational laser aimed for treatment of acne and comparison of FDA approved lasers for acne scars

Duration: 8-16 Months

Compensation: Yes

Sun Damage

Observational Study for Healthy Males and Females 21+

Concern: Collecting photodamaged skin samples for observational purposes

Study Specifics: This trial will collect skin samples via Dermtech patch to test genetic changes in the skin from sun damage

Duration: 1 visit

Compensation: $25

Chest Wrinkles

For Healthy Females 35-65 years old

Concern: For fine lines and wrinkling in the Decollete

Study Specifics: This trial will use Ulthera (focused ultrasound energy) to improve moderate to severe chest wrinkles.

Duration: 3 months (3 visits, 3 phone calls)

Compensation: Up to $175 to be paid at the end of the study

Adolescent Plaque Psoriasis

For Healthy Males/Females 12-17 years old

Concern: Plaque Psoriasis in Adolescents with at least 10 percent of their body affected

Study Specifics: This trial will use biologic medication to help improve Plaque Psoriasis.

Duration: Up to 1 year

Compensation: $52 per visit, up to 9 visits. This will be paid out at the end of the study.

Stasis Dermatitis

For Healthy Males/Females 45 years and older with Stasis Dermatitis

Concern: Stasis Dermatitis without ulceration

Study Specifics: This trial will use a topical medication to help improve Stasis Dermatitis. This trial will be preformed remotely with virtual visits and home visits.

Duration: 14 weeks

Compensation: Up to $300 to be paid at the end of the study


Healthy Males/Females 18 years and older

Concern: Vitiligo

Study Specifics: This study will utilize RECELL for the repigmentation of stable vitiligo lesions

Duration:Approximately 1 year

Compensation:Up to $1350 paid out at the end of the study

Laser Hair Removal for Red, Grey, Blonde Hair

Female ages 18-70

Concern:Unwanted hair in armpit area

Study specifics:For women ages 18-70. This trial uses a new treatment for underarm hair reduction in females with naturally light hair such as grey, blonde, or red.

Duration: 4 months (5 visits)

Compensation: $20 per visit

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Ages 18 and Older, Male/Female

Concern: At least one basal cell located on the body.

Study Specifics: For men and women, age 18+. This trial includes using a topical along with photodynamic therapy in the treatment of superficial basal cell carcinoma.

Duration: 8 months (10 visits)

Compensation:Up to $2600 Status:Enrolling

Sclerotherapy (Enrolling 2021)

Male/Female 25-70

Concern: Leg veins

Study Specifics: For men and women, age 25-70. This trial uses Sclerotherapy injections to help treat and improve spider veins in both legs.

Duration: 12 weeks (5 visits)

Compensation: $$ Requires payment from subject – $333

Periorbital Hyperpigmentation (Dark Circles)

Healthy Male / Female 18 - 65

Concern: Dark circles under the eye

Study Specifics: For healthy men and women, ages 18 – 65. Must have mild to moderate Periorbital
Hyperpigmentation (confirmed at
our office). If qualified and enrolled, you may be compensated with up to $125.00 USD.

Duration: 5 months

Venous Malformations

Healthy Male / Female ages 18-60

Concern: Venous, Lymphatic or Mixed Malformations associated with PIK3CA or TEK genetic mutations

Study Specifics: Male or Female patients age 18-60 with Venous Malformations. This trial will use topical medication to help treat Venous, Lymphatic, or Mixed Malformations.

Duration: 14 weeks

Compensation: Up to $350 ($50 per visit)

Psoriasis Microneedle Patch

Healthy Male / Female Ages 18+

Concern: Observational study to examine RNA biomarkers of psoriasis subjects through the application of a Microneedle patch

Study Specifics: For male or female patients 18+ who have been diagnosed with Psoriasis with the affected area greater than 2 cm in diameter. Patients must be treated with IL-17 (Cosentyx) and IL-23 (Skyrizi/Tremfya/Iilumya) therapy once enrolled.

Duration: 12 weeks

Compensation: up to $350 ($50 per visit)

Cellulite for Buttock and Thighs

Healthy Female 30 - 60

Concern: Mild to moderate cellulite in the thighs and/or buttocks

Study Specifics: For healthy women, age 30-60. This trial will use Sculptra injections to potentially improve the overall impression of cellulite.

Duration: 12 months (6 visits)

Compensation: Up to $400

Neck (Platysma) Bands

Male/Female 18 years or older

Concern: For bands present on neck when contracting muscles. For example when smiling or saying “eee”
Study Specifics: This trial will use Botox to improve moderate to severe platysma prominence.
Duration: 4 months (7 visits)
Compensation: Yes

Submental Fat Reduction/Double Chin

For Healthy Male /Female 18-65 years old with BMI less than 40

Concern: Visible fat under the chin

Study Specifics:  study evaluating the use of injectable RZL-012 versus placebo for noninvasive fat reduction of the submental area (under the chin). MRI’s will be taken before and after treatment for analyzing for eligibility and results.

Duration: 4 Months/ 6 Visits to Clinic/ 2 Visits to nearby MRI Center

Compensation: Up to $450


For Males/Females 18 years an older with a pigmented skin lesion which will be evaluated to rule out the presence of melanoma

Concern: Abnormal moles, nevi, or pigmented skin lesions on body

Study Specifics: Collecting Skin Fluorescence Imaging to provide non-invasive data about atypical skin lesions

Duration: 2 visits

Compensation: up to $50

Laxity and Sagginess for Lower Face and Upper Neck

For Healthy Females Ages 35-65

Concern : Laxity and sagginess in the lower face and upper neck area

Study Specifics: To determine the efficacy of microfocused ultrasound using standard treatment versus a customized treatment for lifting and tightening of the lower face and upper neck.

Duration: 6 Months (4 visits)


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