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Age can take a toll on both the skin and the contours of the body. Two areas that are particularly impacted are the thighs and the butt. The desirable firmness of the upper leg and the roundness of the buttocks both disappear as the skin becomes less firm and less toned over time. To make matters worse, cellulite also often develops in these areas, as well, affecting people of all ages, even young people or those who are in otherwise excellent physical health.

Surgery to lift the butt, reduce cellulite, and rejuvenate the backside and upper legs are effective, but for patients who aren’t keen on surgery, what can be done? At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, we offer various non-surgical standalone butt lift and enhancement treatments.

Treatment Options

Buttocks Enhancement in San Diego


Ulthera uses focused ultrasound energy to tighten and lift the skin on the butt and upper leg. It penetrates deep into the skin’s foundational layer, which triggers increased collagen growth.

There are no incisions and no resulting scars. Most patients report little or no discomfort from the procedure and virtually no downtime afterward. The result is gradual, natural-looking improvement and skin rejuvenation. This procedure is often combined with injections of very dilute Sculptra® to enhance the roundness of the buttock and provide additional lift.

Our own Dr. Sabrina Fabi, widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on Ultherapy, headed the study we conducted at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego on the Ulthera butt lift. Dr. Fabi helped pioneer this non-invasive procedure, which is an effective non-surgical butt lift alternative.


Unfortunately, diet and exercise are of little help when it comes to cellulite, which can affect you even if you eat well, exercise regularly, and have an otherwise healthy lifestyle.

Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego is one of the first practices to offer the cellulite treatment called Cellfina. This procedure does not correct the appearance of cellulite just superficially; it also goes deep to remove the underlying cause of cellulite resulting in near permanent improvement. Patients who are now over 3 years out from the procedure continue to have excellent results.

Cellfina is unique in that it causes the fibrous bands pulling down on the skin’s surface to release their grip. The result is a restoration of shape as the skin springs back to its natural position. Once the dimpling disappears, the skin is restored to healthy, natural-looking smoothness for a year or more.

A single Cellfina session can painlessly improve the appearance of about two dozen dimples in under an hour. Patients may have mild bruising or soreness for a few days afterward, but the recovery is otherwise tolerable.


A unique yet effective non-surgical butt lift treatment, To eliminate bulges, ThermiLift heats up fat cells until they’re destroyed, yet no surrounding tissue is harmed. Another benefit is that the RF energy goes deep enough to stimulate the production of collagen. This has the effect of lifting the skin for more firmness and smoothness.

The ThermiLift non-surgical butt lift results in very little downtime and is usually tolerated well with a local anesthetic. The end result is that it improves loose, sagging skin on the butt and helps lift and tighten the skin on the upper back leg. The skin looks brighter and helps patients appear younger.


Sculptra is a collagen stimulator that restores volume loss due to aging. By jump-starting the body’s collagen production, Sculptra adds gradual improvement to areas of the butt or upper leg that have lost volume. Its key component is poly-L-lactic acid, which is crucial in strengthening the skin’s support structure. It reinforces this underlying foundation, resulting in a fuller, more lifted appearance.

Each of our board-certified dermatologists is a medical consultant and/or a national trainer for Galderma, the manufacturer of Sculptra, and have extensive experience and training with the collagen stimulating injectable. The rejuvenating impact that Sculptra can have on your buttocks and upper legs is gradual and natural-looking and can last for over 2 years.  Sculptra treatments are well tolerated since the injections administered with ultra-fine needles containing local anesthesia.

Fat Transfer

Contouring your butt via a fat transfer procedure, often referred to as a Brazilian butt lift, is a minimally-invasive shaping treatment option. It uses liposuction to take unwanted fat from other places on your body – your stomach, hips, or thighs, for example – to make your buttocks shapelier and more attractive.

The result looks natural because it’s your own fat being used to augment your posterior. Once liposuction removes the fat from other parts of your body for use in your butt, the fat is purified and then injected into your buttocks. These butt injections lift your butt and give your butt a full look with smooth, even distribution of fat. No wonder it has become such a popular method of butt augmentation.

Fat transfer is less invasive than traditional butt augmentation surgery, so you’ll experience less scarring and a shorter healing time. However, there are still a few side effects, although they are usually mild and should dissipate in one to three weeks. These include soreness, swelling, discoloration, and bruising. It’s also possible that your body will reabsorb the fat used in the transfer process, which will lessen your results.

Depending on a variety of factors, the final results can be seen two to four months after the procedure. The following can also help you heal and achieve the butt volume you want:

  • Wear a compression garment for the first two weeks
  • Get a therapeutic treatment, such as massage or ultrasound
  • Eat a high-carb diet
  • Avoid exercise for one month
  • Don’t wear tight clothes
  • Sit with a pillow or cushion under your butt
  • Try to sleep on your side or stomach


5 Months After Cellfina
Before and After Cellfina
8 Months Following Liposculpture
9 Months After Ulthera Treatment
Cellulite reduction using Cellfina by Dr. Fabi
Cellulite reduction using Cellfina by Dr. Fabi
Cellulite reduction using Cellfina by Dr. Fabi
Cellulite reduction using Cellfina by Dr. Fabi
Cellulite reduction using Cellfina by Dr. Fabi


Cellfina Demonstration by Dr. Boen: Reduction of Cellulite in the Buttocks
Cellfina for Cellulite Treatment (2:02)
Sculptra Treatment for Adding Volume to the Buttocks (4:30)
Cellulite Causes and Solutions (3:38)
Different Types of Cellulite Treatment (3:41)
Injecting Sculptra on the Buttocks with Dr. Fabi (3:01)


Q: What comprises your butt?

A: The shape of your buttocks depends on several factors: - The fullness of the soft tissue in your buttocks - The slope of the lumbosacral curve at the base of your spine - Size and shape of the following buttocks muscles: - Gluteus maximus - Gluteus medius - Gluteus minimus When your butt loses elasticity due to aging or other factors, or when for various reasons the distribution of fat and muscle in your buttocks is altered, which results in saggy, loose-looking butt, it may be time to consider augmenting your derriere.

Q: What are butt injections?

A: If the shape, size, or firmness of your buttocks disappoints you, exercise and diet may help to an extent. However, if you find that even after hundreds of squats your butt does not look how you want, butt injections could be your solution. Butt injections are minimally invasive alternatives to surgical butt lifts. At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in SD, we use both fat transfer and injection with a collagen building filler to achieve full, round buttocks. Both procedures provide multiple benefits over surgery, including faster treatment sessions, quicker recovery, and more natural-looking results.

Q: Who should I consider buttocks augmentation?

A: There are several reasons why one should consider buttocks augmentation: - You have a flat, sagging butt - You want to increase volume in your butt - You tried to diet, exercise, or other procedures with no success - You have realistic expectations

Q: Who is a good candidate for the Ulthera butt lift?

A: Patients who want to change the appearance and tone of their buttocks without surgery are good candidates for a butt lift with Ulthera. If over time you’ve noticed that your buttocks and upper legs are not as firm or tight as they used to be, this could be the right treatment for you!

Q: Will an Ulthera butt lift leave a scar?

A: The beauty of the Ulthera butt lift is that it tightens and tones the skin around your buttocks without using any knives! The procedure is completely non-surgical which means there are absolutely no scars to worry about.


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