Cosmetic Laser Dermatology is proud to have been one of the practices to have participated in the clinical trials which brought FDA approval to the VenaSeal vein closure system. The VenaSeal system is a unique method of treating varicose veins which does not require anesthesia or compression garments. It differs from other vein treatments such as CTEV or sclerotherapy in that it uses medical glue to close the vein.

How Does VenaSeal Work?

VenaSeal is a noninvasive vein closure system which uses a medical glue to close the affected vein, thus rerouting blood into healthy veins and eliminating the varicose vein. VenaSeal has been proven safe through clinical trials here in the United States, and already has a proven track record in Europe.

VenaSeal uses ultrasound imagery to guide a tiny catheter into the varicose vein and deposit a small amount of safe for the body medical glue to close the vein. After the vein is closed, the blood is rerouted into healthy veins and the varicose vein will disappear. VenaSeal requires only a local anesthetic at the injection site – no need for tumescent anesthesia. Patients can leave the office immediately following a treatment, and there is generally no need to wear compression garments, although whether or not compression garments are needed will depend on the individual patient and their situation.

Many patients appreciate that there is often no need to wear uncomfortable compression garments following a VenaSeal treatment, and there is generally not even a need for post-treatment pain medication.

Radiofrequency Ablation

During a radiofrequency ablation procedure, radiofrequency waves will heat specific areas of the affected vein, causing it to close.