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  • A brand new webinar series to help support our patients during this difficult time
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  • Each webinar will be accessible via Zoom, have Q&A time at the end of the presentation, and then you’ll have the option to have a private virtual video consultation for a 1:1 with one of our experts.

Note: At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology we have 6 board-certified physicians. Many of them are experts in the topic discussed during this webinar, and each speaker also has expertise in areas not mentioned during this webinar. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office!

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Upcoming Webinars:

Tuesday, November 3rd – 12 Month Beauty Plan with Farzaneh 

Learn the ideal way to schedule out your skincare treatments so you have beautiful skin year-round!


Previous Webinars & Recordings:


Webinars by Dr. Mitchel Goldman

Leg & Facial Veins – April 14

Dr. Mitchel Goldman discusses treatments for all types of veins including sclerotherapy, CTEV, Phlebectomy, and lasers.


Webinars by Dr. Kimberly Butterwick

Beauty Above the Mask – Rejuvenation of the Forehead, Brow, and Eye Areas – July 21

Learn about the best treatments to help you maintain a healthy, younger appearance.

Wrinkles and Sagging Around the Mouth – May 20

Dr. Kimberly Butterwick discusses the causes and available treatments from lasers, to fillers, to tightening devices, to thread lifts to treat this stubborn area around the mouth!⁣

Body Sculpting – April 8

Dr. Kimberly Butterwick explains our full array of body sculpting and tightening procedures such as liposculpture and CoolSculpting.

Webinars by Dr. William Groff 

Take10 – August 18

Dr. Groff breaks down our proprietary Take10 treatment to take 10+ years off your fact in a single combination laser resurfacing treatment in his second webinar on the subject.

Take10 & Laser Resurfacing – April 2

Dr. William Groff breaks down our proprietary Take10 treatment to take 10+ years off your fact in a single combination laser resurfacing treatment.

Webinars by Dr. Sabrina Fabi

Perception Drift – September 2

Ever wonder why some people have an odd look over time from aesthetic treatments? Tune in with Dr. Fabi to learn why this happens and how you can avoid it.

Beauty by the Decade – July 8

Dr. Fabi will review the most common concerns and ideal treatments for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s+!

Don’t Let Your Body Give Away Your Age – May 6

Dr. Sabrina Fabi discusses cellulite dimples, inner arm crepiness, chest wrinkles, and buttock augmentation and will review all of the latest tips, tricks, and treatments to maintain your youth from head to toe!

Neck & Jawline – April 6

Tune in to hear Dr. Sabrina Fabi talk about the latest technology, techniques, and treatments available to tighten your neck and jawline.

Webinars by Dr. Douglas Wu

Sun Spots & Broken Blood Vessels – October 8

Learn how to prevent and treat sun spots (brown dots, freckles, and sun damage) as well as broken blood vessels (red spots, broken capillaries and telangiectasias) to even out your skin tone.

laser dermatology treatment for brown spots and broken blood vessels in san diego, ca

Melanated Beauty: Treatment and Tips for Skin of all Colors – June 23

Embracing all shades of the spectrum, whether your melanin is minimal or you are highly and beautifully dosed, Dr. Douglas Wu explains the latest treatments and tips specifically for those in the black, Asian, and LatinX populations.

Acne and Scars – April 28

While scars are some of the most difficult conditions to treat, there are solutions. Tune in with Dr. Douglas Wu as he shares all of the latest information, science, and treatments available to treat the pigmented color and/or texture from acne and other scars. ⁣


Lunchtime Lasers – April 10

Dr. Douglas Wu explains various lasers and light technology such as IPL and Clear & Brilliant that provide total skin rejuvenation with zero downtime.

Webinars by Dr. Monica Boen

How To Get Free Treatment Though Our Research Trials – June 9

Dr. Monica Boen discusses some of the free dermatology treatments currently being offered by our research department. These treatments are aimed to assist in the clinical trial process.

Eye Rejuvenation – April 30

Tune in with Dr. Monica Boen as she reviews the latest eye rejuvenation tips and procedures available, including injectables, dermal fillers, and laser treatments for the eye area.⁣

Wrinkle Smoothing & Lip Plumping – April 16

Dr. Monica Boen breaks down the current options to smooth your wrinkles, contour your face, reduce under-eye circles, and plump your lips.

Open Q&A  – April 9

Dr. Boen takes questions from the audience on a gamut of topics, from body sculpting to the best anti-aging treatments available today.

Webinars by Leysin Fletcher, PA-C

Vaginal Rejuvenation – April 20

Leysin discusses the current options for vaginal rejuvenation including ThermiVa and Vivive in a fully confidential and private setting.

Open Q&A – April 7

Leysin answers questions from the audience on a variety of topics, from the best anti-aging treatments to the latest body contouring options available today.

Webinars by Farzaneh Momeni-Salami, Medical Aesthetician

Skincare Trifecta – May 27

Learn about medical aesthetician Farzaneh’s skincare trifecta treatments that will leave your skin feeling and looking rejuvenated, moisturized, and refreshed.

Skincare and Aesthetician Treatments – April 22

Our medical aesthetician Farzaneh explains the most popular aesthetician treatments from professional facials, dermablading, chemical peels, to the Hydrafacial. She also reviews skincare products for each unique type of skin and the best techniques for homecare.

Open Q&A – April 3

Interested in learning more about the treatments that keep your skin in top condition? Farzaneh answers questions from the audience on the latest in aesthetician treatments and skincare.


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