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Accure Laser in San Diego

The Accure Laser System™ laser is a non-ablative device that addresses acne at the source by reducing the activity of oil glands. In just a few quick treatment sessions, the Accure laser can significantly improve mild to moderate acne without downtime.


Ditch Accutane® and topicals for good

An Accure Laser treatment can:

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Reduce inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne

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Decrease sebum (oil) production

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Improve overall skin tone and texture

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Provide long-lasting acne clearance

accure for acne
acne treatment with accure
acne removal before and after with accure
accure laser treatment before and after
accure acne treatment on face
accure laser before and after on darker skin
acne treatment with accure on darker skin
acne treatment before and after the accure laser procedure
acne treatment on cheeks with accure laser



Most professional and most impressive! The service from the physicians to office staff is superb!

Dr. Fabi is wonderful! I've been seeing her for over a year, and she has helped me regain my confidence.

Dr. Boen made me feel so comfortable and at ease when I talked to her. She explained everything before she did my treatment. I loved that. She was really easy to talk to.

I live in Orange County and drove all the way out to see Dr. Wu because a friend of mine referred him (she had amazing results from her face and neck procedure). Dr. Wu is truly an artist! He made me feel extremely comfortable during my procedure. I was anxious when I got there, but he (and his staff) have such great energy and are so very kind and gentle that you can't help but feel at ease! The office was immaculate and they adhered to covid rules (sanitizing, temp checks, masks). This is my go-to place from now on and Dr. Wu is my go-to guy! Can't wait to see my final results! Thank you Phyllis (pre-op) for being so wonderful and informative! You were so very helpful and kind! I'll definitely be back!

Leysin and the entire team at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology are fantastic. They are professional, caring and communicative. The laser treatment was comfortable, efficient and effective! I highly recommend this practice. I definitely will come back and recommend her and Cosmetic Laser Dermatology to my family and friends.

Dr. Goldman is amazing! I came here for my permanent eyeliner removal (which is not offered anywhere near me), and they are completely removed in just one session. They use a special contact lens to protect your eyes from the laser, and there are no damages to my eyelashes. The healing was also nice and smooth. They have everything you need. I live almost 3 hours away, but it was totally worth the trip. For anyone who is looking to remove their permanent makeup, this is the right place to go :)-

Dr. Butterwick is fantastic, all of her team as well. They make sure your experience is pleasant and painless as possible. My tattoo removal and my injectables look amazing. I highly recommend her for any skin treatment.

Cosmetic Laser Dermatology was recommended to me by my dermatologist. He recommended Dr. Monica Boen. I'm so glad I took his recommendation. Everyone here at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology was super nice and friendly. Very welcoming. I came here for hair removal treatment. I did 4 sessions with Dr. Boen. Dr. Boen made me feel so comfortable and at ease when I talked to her. She explained everything before she did my treatment. I loved that. She was really easy to talk to. I definitely will come back and recommend her and Cosmetic Laser Dermatology to my family and friends.

This office is awesome. My visit today was with Dr. Groff. His bed side manner is so fun and welcoming. He understood my concerns and recommended a treatment plan that I feel was reasonable. I love his staff! They take there time to make sure you understand the treatment and after care. Everyone in the office, from the front desk to the nurses in the back, are so friendly and beautiful. They are very prompt and I trust my care with CLD. I can't wait for my next visit. See you guys in a few weeks!

"Dr. Sabrina Fabi is genius! Her technique is unlike anyone, her eye is precise, and her kindness and caring manner comes from the depth of her soul. She's simply brilliant! It's no wonder people travel the country just to be treated by her."

I wish I could give them 10 stars! I had such an awesome experience for my first visit and I am referring everyone I know to this office. From the super friendly staff to the state of the art procedures, they are the cream of the crop.

“I came to participate in a research study. All of the Doctors and staff at C.L. Dermatology are very professional, warm and friendly. All our my needs were anticipated and the hospitality of this office is like a five star hotel.”

Experience the Accure Difference

Addresses acne where it forms

By reducing sebaceous gland activity, Accure treats the root cause of acne rather than just the symptoms.

Effective for hard-to-treat acne

Accure can improve resistant acne that hasn’t responded well to topicals or oral medications.

Safe for all skin types

The 1726nm wavelength is safe and effective for treating acne on light to dark skin tones.

Saves money in the long-term

Lasting acne clearance with Accure can reduce the need for daily acne medications and ongoing office visits.

Quick treatments

Most sessions take 30 minutes or less, giving you more time back in your day.

Minimal discomfort

Integrated cooling and topical anesthetic keep you comfortable during treatment.

No downtime

You can return to regular activities right after treatment, with only mild redness/swelling.

Accure Laser FAQs

How does the Accure laser work for acne?

The Accure laser emits a 1726nm wavelength that targets the sebaceous glands, heating them and reducing their size and activity. This decreases oil production and acne formation.

What types of acne does Accure treat?

The Accure laser is FDA-cleared for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne. It can improve papules, pustules, and comedonal acne.

How many treatments are needed?

Most patients need a series of 4-6 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart for optimal acne clearance. Touch-up treatments may be needed to maintain results.

When will I see results?

Many patients notice improvement in acne and oiliness within a few weeks of starting treatment, with continued clearance after completing the recommended series.

Is Accure laser acne treatment painful?

Most patients tolerate treatment well with topical numbing cream and the laser’s cooling technology. You may feel a warm, snapping sensation during treatment.

What are the side effects?

Common side effects include temporary redness, swelling, and dryness in the treated area for 1-3 days. Serious side effects are rare when treatment is performed by experienced providers.

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