In the realm of cosmetic dermatology, the secret to achieving the most remarkable face and neck rejuvenation often lies in the art of combining treatments. At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, our board-certified dermatologists have perfected this approach by bringing together a variety of advanced procedures to unlock unparalleled results.

Combining UltraClear, IPL, Sculptra, & Radiesse to Improve Your Appearance

Combined UltraClear, IPL, Sculptra, & Radiesse to Improve Patient's Appearance

One example of our combination treatments involves using a unique blend of four powerful procedures: 

  • UltraClear®
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
  • Sculptra®
  • Radiesse®

This combination offers a comprehensive solution to a variety of skin concerns in the face and neck. Each treatment plays a critical role in enhancing your skin’s appearance; when combined, they synergize to provide an outcome greater than the sum of their parts.

UltraClear for Face & Neck Rejuvenation

UltraClear stands out as a cutting-edge solution for rejuvenating the face and neck. This innovative laser technology finely tunes the texture and tone of your skin. Simultaneously removing damaged skin layers and heating the underlying tissues promotes collagen, elastic fiber, and hyaluronic acid production, vital for maintaining skin elasticity and firmness. With its combination of cooling and thermal energy, UltraClear helps ensure a safe, efficient, and comfortable experience, effectively reversing signs of aging.

IPL for Clear Skin

IPL to clear skin from hyperpigmentation

IPL treatment is renowned for its ability to address multiple skin concerns in a single session. Utilizing high-intensity light pulses, it targets and diminishes age spots, sun damage, redness, and various pigmented lesions. This procedure leaves your skin clearer and enhances its overall radiance. Our highly effective M22™ IPL device ensures powerful treatment with integrated cooling, reducing any risk of skin damage.

Sculptra for Facial Volumization

Sculptra, a poly-L-lactic acid biostimulator, tackles the underlying causes of aging skin by replacing lost volume. It stimulates fibroblastic function and reignites your body’s natural collagen, elastic fiber, and hyaluronic acid production. This injectable not only corrects deep facial wrinkles and folds but also restores fullness, giving your face a more youthful and voluminous appearance. Sculptra’s natural and long-lasting effects make it essential to our combination treatment for neck and face rejuvenation.

Radiesse for Neck Boosting

Radiesse uniquely addresses aging signs in the neck area. This FDA-approved injectable provides instant volume and stimulates your skin’s natural collagen production. It’s particularly effective in smoothing wrinkles, creases, and indentations on the neck. Its immediate volumizing effect and ability to stimulate collagen production make Radiesse an invaluable part of our face and neck rejuvenation arsenal.

Benefits of Combining Treatments

While each of these treatments is effective on its own, their combination amplifies their benefits and tackles multiple concerns at once. This approach enhances results and ensures a personalized treatment plan tailored to individual skin needs. Combining these treatments means fewer visits, faster results, and longer-lasting effects, fitting perfectly into a busy lifestyle.

Take 10 for a rejuvenated appearance by Dr. Groff. After treatment, patient looks ten years younger as her wrinkles are much less pronounced if not gone, and her sun damage is gone.
  • Enhanced results. Combining these treatments simultaneously addresses various skin aging aspects, resulting in more comprehensive and noticeable improvements. This integrated approach ensures that each area of concern in the face and neck is effectively treated, providing a balanced and harmonious rejuvenation.
  • Customized care. Every patient’s skin is unique, and so are their treatment needs. Our approach at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology involves customizing your combination of treatments to suit each individual’s specific requirements, ensuring optimal results in skin rejuvenation.
  • Time efficiency. One of the significant advantages of combination treatments is the efficiency in achieving desired results. It reduces the need for multiple appointments, making it a convenient option for those with busy schedules.
  • Long-lasting effects. The combined action of these treatments not only provides immediate improvement but also ensures that the results are long-lasting. This extended benefit is crucial in maintaining a youthful appearance over time.

Get a Personalized Combination Treatment for Improved Results at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology

At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, our expert team is dedicated to providing personalized care that aligns with your specific skin concerns. Our skilled board-certified cosmetic dermatologists, equipped with the latest advancements in dermatologic technology, are here to guide you throughout your skin rejuvenation journey. With our unparalleled ability to combine treatments and our proprietary procedures like Take10, we can help you achieve the most effective and satisfying results possible in San Diego.

Embrace the opportunity to revitalize your appearance with our team’s unmatched expertise and care. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and discover the transformative power of our combination treatments. 

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