The appeal of the neck is unquestionable due to its graceful curve and its natural segue into the chest area and the face. Regrettably, when one starts to age, this part will start showing signs of significant wear almost immediately. Generally, the skin under the chin will become loose and flabby, a phenomenon known as turkey neck. There are numerous cosmetic treatments that have been developed to combat the problem and restore the aesthetics. One of the most beneficial options that you should consider is Thermage treatment in San Diego. Here are the critical details that you need to understand with respect to this turkey neck procedure.

Treatment for Turkey Neck

The Thermage treatment is a special non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is designed to improve the appearance of skin by stimulating the natural renewal functions. This technique will work by promoting the production of collagen by your body systems. Collagen is a material that is produced by the inner layers of your skin, and it is responsible for tautness and youthful appearance. When you age, the collagen in your body breaks down causing the sagging of neck skin. Thermage uses specialized radio frequency to heat your skin in order to reactivate the production of the collagen.

Thermage is safe and effective for ALL skin types and tones, including darker skin tones. We can combine the treatment with Fraxel® for additional benefits, like smoothing out the skin and minimizing brown spots. If you have loose neck skin after losing weight with Ozempic®, Thermage is an excellent option to restore your skin’s youthful firmness.

Before and after side image of ThermiTight treatment on a female's chin and neck performed by Dr. Groff at our San Diego medical clinic

Actual un-retouched patient before and after Thermage treatment for double chin. Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed.

Thermage Treatment Procedure

During Thermage, your board-certified dermatologist will utilize a specially-designed hand-piece with a flat end. This is responsible for delivering the radio frequency to the skin around your neck. The device is designed to target the inner dermis and subcutaneous layers which are collagen-rich. This will promote the production of fresh collagen and even tighten the existing material. Consequently, the turkey neck will reduce significantly over a short period, and you will have a more contoured and appealing neck.

The heat level delivered is safe, so you do not need to be concerned about the sensitivity of the neck. Moreover, it does not target the external layer or the epidermis of this body part. This outer skin is often sensitive to irritation, allergens, and heating, so the thermage procedure avoids any action that could cause damage. Instead, the epidermis will be cooled continually during the thermage turkey neck procedure. This will give your skin extra protection during the process, meaning that you will not experience sensitivity after the completion of the treatment.

Thermage Advantage Procedure

The Thermage procedure in San Diego is safe compared to other body contouring procedures, like those that treat your muffin top. Surgical turkey neck procedure options include neck lift and neck liposuction surgery. These processes will require relatively prolonged healing period while Thermage does not demand any recuperation time. Moreover, invasive cosmetic procedure, while effective, they are associated with some risk of complications and infection if not handled properly. Thermage is also more favorable than other heating procedures that aim to improve collagen production. This is because the treatment focuses on the inner skin layers rather than the external. Consequently, the long-term neck countering results are better and your skin will be safer because there is no direct exposure to heat.

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