San Diego is known for its year-long beautiful weather. Not such a bad thing to be known for, right? Many native San Diegans can attest that living in sunny San Diego comes with tons of perks, one being enjoying every day to the fullest. So what does a local do on any San Diego day? Aside from going to work or school during the week, San Diego locals can enjoy an after-school ice cream or an after-work cool drink to reward themselves for their hard work during the day. Yes, east-coasters have after school or work hot chocolates, but the limitation from the weather can be a bummer. The year-long weather also allows for fruit and vegetables to be in season all the time. The ability to enjoy a cool drink or snack outside, at any time, makes San Diego an ideal place to live.

Warm evenings year round also make San Diego a hotspot, no pun intended, for adventure lovers. Great weather allows for a hike, surf, swim, or any outdoor activity whenever one desires to have fun. Danger-seekers can go skydiving, rock climbing, or zip-lining across California’s longest zip-line. However, if activities like cliff-diving are not your thing, there are tons of other activities, such as Comic-con and the San Diego County Fair.

San Diego’s sandy beaches are perfect for getting some sun and relaxing on the shore. For example, La Jolla Shores Beach is a long beach along the San Diego Coast. It is a wonderful place to watch the sunset, read a book, have a picnic, and more. All these perks come with living in a place with ideal weather all year long.

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