Many men and women dream of a way that they can get thin without having to put a lot of effort in. Unfortunately, the best way to lose weight remains through diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. However, if you are healthy and at or near your goal weight, there is a way to remove excess fat deposits around the abdomen, love handles, or thighs that doesn’t require diet, exercise, or surgery. Non-invasive fat removal procedures have become very popular in recent years, because they don’t require any downtime and the procedures themselves are short and painless, requiring no anesthesia. The expert dermatologists at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego offer a wide variety of non-invasive fat reduction procedures.

Getting Thin Without Surgery

Non-surgical fat reduction procedures involve selectively targeting and killing fat cells, then allowing the body to absorb the remains of the destroyed cells naturally. This is in opposition to liposuction, which involves physically removing fat from the body through a cannula. While liposuction is considered minimally invasive, it still requires a lengthy session in the office and a few weeks of recovery time following the procedure. With non-invasive fat reduction procedures, there is no recovery time needed – you can walk out of the office and straight back into your everyday life.

Non-invasive lipo treatment results are generally not as dramatic as those that can be achieved through liposuction, but they are nonetheless significant and noticeable. For many people, the lack of downtime and short procedure times are worth it. Often, simply reducing a fat bulge that has been bothering a person is enough to completely transform how they see their body. Getting thin without surgery used to involve just diet and exercise, but today it can involve diet, exercise, and non-invasive fat reduction.

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