Our secret treat at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology is the availability of the “lunchtime laser” treatment! Perfect for those with a busy schedule who are interested in improving the overall quality of their skin, these quick laser treatments at San Diego’s Cosmetic Laser Dermatology provide quick results within an even quicker appointment. Find out more about our “lunchtime laser” treatment in this webinar video

“Lunchtime lasers” such as Picoway, VBeam Perfecta, IPL, and Clear & Brilliant are essential in addressing red and brown spots, broken blood vessels, skin tone, and skin texture in a short amount of time, with minimal downtime. If you’re ready to reduce imperfections in your skin, these laser treatments will provide results before your lunch break is even over.

laser skin treatments San Diego, CAScience of Lasers

Lasers work by targeting specific molecules within our skin. Our board-certified dermatologists manipulate the energy waves, wavelength, and the size of the laser beam to provide optimal results. 

The layer of skin known as the epidermis houses pigment cells, or melanin. Pigment lasers specifically target these cells and essentially break them down. Pigment lasers are ideal for addressing issues of discoloration, brown and red spots, and other pigmented marks. Once these pigment cells are broken down small enough, they disappear, as do your issues of discoloration. 

Similarly, lasers that are meant to target blood vessels shrink the blood vessels within the dermis layer of skin. These are referred to as vascular lasers. Once shrunken, these blood cells are reabsorbed through the skin, thus reducing the presence of broken blood vessels. Lasers that target water molecules that are found within both the dermis and epidermis, as well as the subcutaneous fat layer of skin, heating the molecules that are present within the skin. This results in the creation of new collagen, elastin fibers, and other proteins that make our skin look supple and hydrated and thus, an ideal rejuvenation treatment. To learn more about lasers, please visit ncbi.gov

Brown Spots and Freckling Vbeam and PicoWay lasers used to treat brown spots by Dr. Wu. After two treatments, patient's skin is visibly clearer.

One of the most common conditions treated to achieve perfect skin: brown spots can be a great nuisance. Though many lasers, if used correctly, can do the trick of eliminating discoloration, our board-certified dermatologists always trust the Picoway laser for these corrections. 

The Picoway laser, though commonly used to address the removal of tattoos, also hosts several other solutions to skin concerns including: 

Picoway is an effective, non-invasive anti-aging device that can give skin a rejuvenated and youthful appearance. In addition to Picoway, our renowned, board-certified dermatologists are also equipped with PicoSure and PiQo4 to meet your needs.

At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, we have found that using many laser modalities to treat your concerns has yielded the best results with the fewest number of treatments. Our board-certified dermatologists have an unsurpassed skill set that allows them to deliver the best results, regardless of skin tone and texture. 

laser treatments to treat red spots and broken blood vessels in San Diego, CARed Spots and Broken Blood Vessels

To address the issues of red spots and broken blood vessels, we turn to vascular lasers such as the VBeam Perfecta. As with pigment lasers, other lasers can provide desired results such as IPL, Alexandrite, and nd:YAG lasers. And as with addressing brown spots, the multiple laser modality yields the best results with minimal downtime and fewer appointments. 

The Vbeam is a pulsed-dye laser, which helps patients overcome pigmented lesions, rosacea, vascular problems, and several other skin conditions. By targeting blood vessels within the dermis and resulting in the reabsorption of the vessels into the damaged skin, this “lunchtime laser” delivers quick results. 

Commonly seen in the corners of the nose and in conjunction with acne, we can improve the appearance of general redness and broken blood vessels in just a single appointment. When combined with IPL, we see results within a few minutes.

Skin Tone and Skin Texturelaser treatments for all skin tones and textures in San Diego, CA

For some, brown spots and red spots are aspects that we can ignore, but evening out the overall tone and texture of our skin is a barrier many people face in achieving their goal of perfect skin. Resurfacing lasers, such as Picoway, IPL, and Clear & Brilliant, rejuvenate the skin to improve its overall quality and appearance. These resurfacing lasers are best suited to treat issues of skin tone and texture, and downtime with these procedures can vary according to the strength of the laser being used.

When the resurfacing laser targets the water molecules within the layers of skin and heats them, the formulation of new collagen and proteins occurs and thus addresses our concerns of skin tone and skin texture. 

The Clear & Brilliant laser is a favorite amongst the dermatologists at San Diego’s Cosmetic Laser Dermatology. This resurfacing laser focuses precise laser energy into the skin to help minimize and refine pores, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Unlike any other skin resurfacing treatment, the Clear & Brilliant laser has minimal risk of side effects. Further, it remains one of the most gentle and non-invasive lasers that most patients can go right back into work after the treatment. Some of the many benefits of the Clear & Brilliant laser include: 

  • No scarring
  • No downtime 
  • Little to no side effects in most cases 
  • Compliments patient’s existing skincare program and routine 
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles 
  • Milder than other skin resurfacing procedures and chemical peels 

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