It was just two short decades ago that Dr. Goldman was touting the future benefits of lasers using artificial intelligence (AI) in Time Magazine, citing their precision in targeting specific treatment areas to produce a variety of cosmetic benefits. While his prediction of a laser that the entire body can go into (like a CT or MRI scanning machine) which would be programed to eliminate a variety of discolorations, excessive hair and wrinkles in a single treatment has yet to be built, today, the board-certified dermatologists at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego use a wide variety of lasers to treat everything from acne to advanced signs of aging using their own skills with great success. 

The Future of Laserslaser dermatology treatment in san diego, ca

Lasers may no longer be the latest craze to hit the aesthetic market, but the future of laser treatments is now on the horizon with artificial intelligence (AI) technology taking the safety and success of these devices to a whole new level. 

While AI has already been employed in some areas of the aesthetic realm, we have just brushed the surface of what may be a game-changer in the world of cosmetic dermatology.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence can be defined as intelligence guided strictly by machines, rather than humans or animals. The history of AI dates all the way back to 1955 when it was founded as an academic discipline. Since that time, AI has found countless uses, from playing checkers to diagnosing medical conditions. 

Numerous goals have been created for AI throughout its research, such as: 

  • Learning
  • Reasoning and logic
  • Language processing
  • Planning 
  • Moving and manipulating objects

While interest in AI has ebbed and flowed somewhat over the decades, the advances in technology today have created a new fascination with AI and how it can be used in a variety of industries. 

AI and AestheticsLaser resurfacing and fillers for rejuvenation by Dr. Fabi. Treatment refreshes the eyes and creates a smoother skin surface.co2 laser resurfacing before and after in san diego, ca

AI is beginning to make an appearance in the area of aesthetics in a broad spectrum of ways. Some of the areas where AI is cropping up include: 

  • Smart mirrors that allow you to “see” virtual changes to hair and makeup
  • Skin analysis and skincare recommendations based on precise, personalized data
  • Skin scanners that detect areas of hyperpigmentation and dispense topical products to the site
  • Devices to mix customized skincare products, based on the precise needs of your skin 

AI has also been introduced into hair transplantation, via an innovative device known as the Artas iX Robotic Hair Restoration System. The device uses AI to both optimize the harvesting process and place the individual follicles for the most natural-looking results. Artas has been cleared by the FDA for the harvesting and implanting of individual hair follicles.

AI Slated to Expand as Research Continues

In addition to the technology already available, clinical studies are underway to expand the use of AI even further. For example, preliminary experiments are being conducted to test the use of AI in treating individual oil glands via laser. The procedure may address acne and sebaceous hyperplasia more precisely and efficiently.

More Practical Uses for AI

Other potential uses for AI might also include laser tattoo removal and skin cancer treatment. These technologies will allow for more automated tattoo and skin cancer removal, making the treatment more cost-effective for patients and practices alike. 

Why AI?laser dermatology scar removal in san diego, ca

For some, AI conjures images of campy sci-fi movies where machines take over the world. In truth, AI offers numerous benefits in all aspects of medicine, including aesthetics. When AI is incorporated into cosmetic laser treatments it could: 

  • Eliminate the potential for human error 
  • Reduce potential risks and side effects
  • Enhance precision for better results 
  • Simplify treatments for doctors 
  • Create a more cost-effective approach for doctors and patients

AI is not used with aesthetic lasers just yet, but its introduction may not be that far away. Cosmetic Laser Dermatology will remain on the cutting-edge of laser procedures, ensuring our patients enjoy the safest and most effective non-surgical treatments available today. 

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