Juvederm Voluma filler results in San Diego, CAAging comes with facial changes such as reduction of volume, deeper nasolabial folds, and wrinkling as well as thinning lips. Therefore, minimal invasive volume treatment injections are preferred. These injections are steered towards the underneath of such folds, in an effort to restore lost volume, thereby creating a youthful facial appearance.
These injections are non-surgical means of facial rejuvenation techniques. With such techniques, deep furrows, sunken cheeks, wrinkles or any other facial contour deficiencies located especially around the cheekbones, prominences or lips, are easily smoothened out. One of the main preferred cornerstone achievements of volume treatment injections is the hyaluronic acid-composed volume facial filler.

Voluma Facial Filler Treatment

Voluma is an injectable facial filler that creates a cross-linking which helps bind water to cells thereby creating an excellent lifting capacity. In addition, Voluma is approved by FDA as part of the Juvederm injectable collection. The volume contains hyaluronic acid (HA), an essential component that occurs naturally in the skin and aids in providing skin structure and elasticity and restores sunken cheeks. For instance, hyaluronic acid facilitates binding together of collagen and elastin fibers through the production of viscoelastic networks.
Furthermore, the acid enhances the stability of intercellular structures. Injection of this component results in the creation of volume due to the molecule itself as well as attraction and holding of water. Voluma is made up of shorter chains, which in turn make the site administered lower in weight enabling it to result in more lift.
The particles in Volume have more size uniformity. Besides that, their oval shape also makes the substance easier to inject, thereby decreasing instances of formation of nodules. In addition, increased cross-linking also increases the lifespan of the product, with longer-lasting results testified.

Collagen for Volume Restoration

Collagen itself helps in filling wrinkles, lines, and scars on the face thereby restoring its youthful profile in appearance. Since its inception in 2005, Voluma has been in use in a total of 72 countries worldwide. As a hyaluronic acid filler, Voluma lasts twice as long as other fillers and with the provision of an excellent lifting capacity. Moreover, it is formulated with lidocaine, a component that adds comfort during the treatment process. The site injected expands and molds, thereby reinstating the facial contours which may have been lost over time.

How long do results last?

Visible results last depending on the lifestyle, age, as well as physiology of the patient. It is important that the patient is administered injections from someone licensed and trained to do so. Also, 2 to 4 weeks following injection, follow-up assessments are scheduled.

In addition, patients aged 60 years and above may require more cheek filler treatment. They prefer volume filler treatments in an effort to minimize complications that may arise from surgery. On the other hand, younger patients in their 30’s and early 40’s require smaller amounts of Voluma to highlight and amplify their cheeks and other facial sites. This is due to the fact that they have a small percentage of fat loss in the areas and also, good bone structure. Treatments are characterized by small painless needles, whose amount administered is dependent on the size and depth of the skin defect or wrinkle.

In addition, a thin-faced patient in their 30’s may receive good results with 1 syringe while a wide-faced patient in their 60’s may need 6 or more syringes.This is because patients with skinny faces need less Voluma, as do people with less sagging yet, on the other hand, patients with broadened and heavier faces need more Voluma to tackle against the heaviness. Preferred sites for injection include vetrogluteal, vastus lateralis, deltoid muscles, and dorsolateral areas. If selected, a site is first cleaned and then allowed to dry. Afterward, injection is administered perpendicular to the patient’s body (at times angles of up to 75 degrees are allowed) and the needle withdrawn at the same angle used to insert.

Cheek filler injection may take an average time length of about 10 to 20 minutes per session, which may vary depending on the number of areas being treated. In addition, the amount of fluid administered is usually limited between 2 and 5 milliliters. While it is advisable to refrain from excessive sun, heat exposure and strenuous activities for the first 24 hours after treatment, patients treated with Voluma for cheek volume restoration mostly resume their normal activities immediately.

The cost of Voluma

Voluma costs almost twice as much as any other Hyaluronic Acid filler. Nonetheless, it’s duration is about 2 years. The cost varies based on the geographical location and who the professional injector is. Micro-cannulas is preferred for most Voluma injections because it helps in preventing bruising. Despite it taking more time, it results in more beautiful results.
Results of treatment by Voluma are best when continuously and regularly over time. It’s also advisable to protect your skin by wearing sunscreen regularly and avoiding smoking. This helps in preventing future wrinkling. With Voluma formulated specifically for cheeks, everyone’s dream of a perfect round and natural face lift is possible despite genetically driven make-up, environmental factors as well as lifestyle. With safety becoming one of the key concerns in volume treatment injections, Voluma is such an invaluable tool.

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