The procedure of a Botox treatment in San Diego involves several small injections in the area of wrinkles and fine lines. The location of these injections totally depends on the size, location and use of the muscles. The treatment takes about thirty minutes and one has to wait several days to know the effect of the treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation Procedure

Botox is a very effective wrinkle treatment agent to some extent than the other cosmetic procedures or surgeries. It might not be able to completely eradicate the signs of aging but can certainly reduce it to a noticeable level. Skin tends to become smoother and better looking. Results of Botox injections are known only after a couple of weeks after the procedure in San Diego.

If there is too much Botox injected in the wrong area, it leads to drooping of the eyelid muscles and other skin problems. Though Botox sounds encouraging to women, it might not be applicable to everyone. Pregnant women are not supposed to use Botox procedures to beautify themselves as well as people carrying infections in their skin. Women consuming antibiotics and other related drugs must consult a doctor before involving in a Botox treatment.

Treatment Side Effects

A headache, infection, respiratory problems, and nausea are a few side effects of Botox injections. Facial pain and muscle weakness also happens after a Botox treatment. Care has to be taken after such a treatment though these side effects are temporary.

Make sure you consult a qualified doctor, such as our dermatologists at CLDerm who is properly trained in this study of Botox, before attempting a treatment. Choose a sterile and professional environment for your treatment. Ask the doctor questions so you are educated about the treatment. The production of collagen, a protein compound that keeps the skin smooth and elastic, decreases as a person grows older. Natural facial fat deposits, particularly in the temples and cheeks, are also lost, making the skin appear old and wrinkled. Facelifts, creams, fillers, injectables, laser resurfacing are just some anti-wrinkle methods used to reduce or eliminate frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crows feet, bulging eyelids, and smoker lines.

As different treatments may produce varying results, patients are carefully briefed about the procedures before any treatment could start. During the initial consultation, the patient is encouraged to talk freely about her cosmetic needs and goals while the skin care specialist listens attentively. We probe the patient’s health history to pinpoint any medical conditions or allergies that may make the patient ineligible for certain wrinkle treatments.

After getting all the facts, the cosmetic specialist then determines the best treatments to give the patient. He then explains to the patient the procedures involved, how much the wrinkle treatments will cost, the downtime or healing time required, as well as possible risks or complications. We also tell the patients what the latter can expect after the treatments, and if there are certain precautions he must take. The patient is shown before and after photos of wrinkle treatments performed on previous patients.

Benefits of Treatment

Wrinkle treatments do not necessarily cost a lot of money. Some wrinkle treatments in San Diego are surprisingly affordable, and the procedures involved generally depend on the strength of the facial muscles. If want to turn back time and feel more confident about the way you look or treat a saggy stomach, anti-wrinkle treatments are your best bet.

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