Spider veins, also known as telangiectasia, are small, dark, twisting veins that serve no purpose and are visually unappealing. Spider veins often accompany varicose veins, which are larger and bulging, but they can also appear on their own. Spider veins may cause embarrassment or loss of self-confidence in the people they affect, especially in the summertime when shorts and short sleeved shirts don’t cover up the areas that spider veins often strike – the legs, arms, and chest. Spider veins can also occur in the face, especially around the nose and eyes.

Spider Vein Elimination San Diego

Luckily, the skilled, board-certified dermatologists at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology are experts at spider vein elimination in San Diego. They are each considered leaders in the field of unwanted vein reduction, and the director, Dr. Mitchel Goldman, has also authored textbooks on the subject. Multiple research studies and clinical trials have also been done to advance vein reduction technology and techniques in order to benefit the patient more.

Sclerotherapy, cosmetic lasers, such as V-beam and CoolTouch Varia or CTEV, and the brand-new VenaSeal vein closure system are all effective ways of removing spider veins. Laser technology is best for spider veins on the face, as sclerotherapy and VenaSeal may have unwanted and potentially severe side effects if used on the delicate facial area. However, sclerotherapy is generally considered the best way to treat spider veins on the body, including the legs, chest, and arms. Sclerotherapy involves injecting the targeted veins with a medicine called a sclerosing agent, which in turn dissolves the vein, allowing it to be absorbed naturally by the body. Sclerotherapy has been used effectively for years, and many dermatologists consider it the “gold standard” for treating both spider and varicose veins on the body.

In this image, a series of injections to correct unwanted spider and varicose veins are shown.


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