It is common knowledge in San Diego that Thermage is the innovative and non-surgical way to achieve younger looking facial skin without the use of scalpels or needles. But in recent times, its application now covers other areas of the body like the stomach.

Thermage for saggy stomach removal

Is Thermage technology for saggy stomach removal the best option for anybody that intends to go through it? Thermage treatment is not a non-surgical tummy tuck. The tummy tuck procedure results in the tightening of the muscle wall, which normally does not return muscles back to position. But if an individual seeks for a non-surgical alternative, which will give less result, then Thermage could be the best option for tighter skin. Thermage is also a great option for tightening skin after Ozempic® weight loss. It’s safe for all skin types and tones, so nearly anybody with saggy stomach skin is a candidate.

Saggy stomach removal and procedure

The following will take place immediately a patient become a candidate for saggy stomach removal on the authorization of a dermatologist:

  • The presentation of the photograph of the area
  • A return pad is put on the back of the patient
  • A thorough cleaning of the area with alcohol to prevent any cream or makeup. This helps in delivering proper radiofrequency
  • With the skin still wet from alcohol, it experiences a temporary grid through application
  • The grid that comes from Thermage is the only one in operation because of its special formulation and it does not interfere with the radio frequency. It consist of squares and circles and it is a good guide to prevent overlapping of the pulse

Note that Radiofrequency that goes through cooled epidermis permit for radiofrequency-induced thermal damage to the deep dermal collagen and the dermis. The collagen remodeling causes great improvement in the sagging skin and its quality, while that of the deep dermal collagen enables the modeling of contours and also leads to improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

body-sculpting-san-diego-dermatologyIs this treatment a safe procedure?

Saggy stomach removal is safe under the watchful eyes of an experienced and licensed practitioner, but proper care must be in place to prevent the burning of the skin:

  • If there is partial contact with the skin by the entire Thermatip, the Thermage machine produces a blue and error message, and can only work again when it is reset.
  • Ensure optimal pulse delivery by the coupling fluid.
  • The absence of makeup and residual fluids make the process proceed in the right manner without interference with RF.
  • The doctor wears a glove to prevent contact with the patient’s skin during pulse delivery.

The Thermage technology drastically improves the midsection and with a high success rate too. It is perfect for all skin types and safe if it is under the watchful eyes of a seasoned practitioner. For this and many other reasons, it is highly recommended as the best option for saggy stomach removal in San Diego.

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