Comic-Con in San Diego

Comic-Con is an annual event held at the San Diego Convention Center. This non-profit convention lasts for four days in the summer, and people travel far and wide to fan over their favorite science fiction, horror, anime, video games, comic, fantasy, and other entertainment. TV shows also make appearances at comic-con. Some of these TV

Avocados in San Diego

Avocados are creamy green fruit loved by all, especially by Southern Californians who incorporate them into many meals. In fact, California grows most of the avocados in the United States, and San Diego grows the most in California. Therefore, San Diego, itself, can be identified as the center of avocados in the United States. Since

About San Diego

Southern California is famous for both its beach towns and large cities. San Diego is one of the largest cities in Southern California and has it all. Known for its beaches, San Diego is a popular weekend trip destination. The beaches along the coast are perfect for surfing or just relaxing on the sandy shore.

Vaginal Laxity Reduction

After childbirth, women are left with a larger vaginal canal as the vagina becomes stretched beyond its elastic limits. This occurrence is known as vaginal laxity and could happen to any woman — even to those without children because it can also be the result of aging, menopause, or other causes. As the lining of

Ultherapy Alternative in SD

Many people in San Diego confuse Ultherapy and Thermage, some actually use the terms interchangeably, and while they both have some similarity, there have a lot of distinct differences. Both are non-invasive treatments that take off one’s appearance without having to undergo surgery. For the last several years, the non-invasive treatments have grown in popularity

Volume Treatment Injection

Aging comes with facial changes such as reduction of volume, deeper nasolabial folds, and wrinkling as well as thinning lips. Therefore, minimal invasive volume treatment injections are preferred. These injections are steered towards the underneath of such folds, in an effort to restore lost volume, thereby creating a youthful facial appearance. These injections are non-surgical


When it comes to your skin, trust only the experts. At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, we are proud to provide the highest standard of care and treatment available for a wide range of skin issues. From administering injectables and non-invasive body contouring to performing cosmetic surgeries and laser treatments, our board-certified dermatologists are among the best in the

IMQ Certified

At our medical practice, our team of five world-renowned dermatologists strives to provide effective and powerful treatments to our patients, which is why we’re pleased to be an accredited institution by the Institute for Medical Quality in California, an organization dedicated to improving medical care. Cosmetic Laser Dermatology is IMQ accredited because we want to make

Charitable Works

At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, our dermatologists take pride in giving back to the community. We are committed to not only helping our regular patients look and feel their best but also providing care to those less fortunate. This is why they offer a number of services either free of charge or at a significant discount

Take 10 Years Off Your Appearance Before the Holidays

Are Aging Symptoms Putting a Damper on Your Holiday Spirit? The holidays are only weeks away, bringing days packed with activities and social events. Extended families gather to celebrate. Employers and friends throw parties. And everywhere you go, people are taking pictures of the festivities on their camera phones.  It’s a time of year when

Reshape & Tighten Your Neck With ThermiSculpt
In this webinar, Dr. Groff will educate you on how the experts at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology can provide life-changing results without surgery through ThermiSculpt.

Speaker: Dr. William F. Groff
Date/Time: Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 at 5:30 pm PST / 8:30 pm EST

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