Our Fellows

Dr. Hoss
Dr. Kollipara

Our Managers

Freia Canals Cistero, Registered Nurse

Freia Canals Cistero is a licensed Registered Nurse in New York, California, and Barcelona, Spain. As a board certified RN, she has worked in a broad range of fields, including allergy, immunology, pulmonology, primary care, general surgery, oncology and emergency room, among others.

Jane Hesse, Registered Nurse, Operating Room Manager

Fun Fact: Jane is a skydiver

Our OR Staff

Layne Goeringer, Registered Nurse, Operating Room

Fun Fact: Layne has Heterochromia-two different color eyes

Heather Mason, OR Tech, Operating Room

Fun Fact: Heather is our social organizer

Joann McDonell, OR Tech, Operating Room

Fun Fact: Joann is a rock climber

Lindsey Wilkins, Registered Nurse, Operating Room

Fun Fact: Lindsey is ambidextrous

Meet Our Medical Assistans

Melissa Bohan, MA

Fun Fact: Melissa loves LOVE and her children

Britani Callen, Product Educator

Fun Fact: Britani loves to bake

Izamar Cazzessus, MA

Fun Fact: Loves cats so much she named her daughter Kat

Antonio Farinas, MA

Fun Fact: He has auditioned 3 times to Beyonce’s back-up dancer

Morgan Jenkins, LVN

Fun Fact: Morgan is a Navy wife

Carrie Lopez, MA

Fun Fact: Has been at CLDerm the longest

Isabel Moreno, MA

Fun Fact: Isabel celebrates Christmas in July

Pamela Moreno, MA

Fun Fact: Pamela loves to travel internationally

Hajar Mustafa, MA

Fun Fact: Her favorite snack is Hot Cheetos

Tina Ramirez, MA

Fun Fact: Tina loves to make patients feel fabulous

Vera Sine, LVN

Fun Fact: Vera is a snowboarder

Maria Soto, MA

Fun Fact: Maria is from Chicago

Haley Vickers, MA

Fun Fact: Will always have a kombucha in hand

Photographers and Videographer

Tatiana Tamayo, Photographer

Tatiana Tamayo is a portrait and event photographer. She photographs everything from family sessions, maternity, engagements, fashion, and weddings. She recently (March 2017) graduated the Art Institute of California – San Diego with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Photography. Her love for photography started back in freshman year of high school where she would set up themed shoots and photograph other classmates.

Jose Naranjo, Medical Photographer

After studying in college and working in an area that wasn’t really his thing, Jose Naranjo searched for his passion and there it was visual arts!
Cinema, photography, and video in general, all of them were there just waiting for Jose. He decided to learn all he could about the arts and he was fortunate to start working in the visual arts field.
He wrote and directed a short film, worked two years for a newspaper in the eco-tourism area, and after that he has always stayed true to the things that move him; which are working with video post-production and always traveling around with his camera ready.

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