Liver spots are brown spots that tend to appear as we age. These spots are generally a result of UV ray exposure, and are also called sun spots, brown spots, and age spots. Liver spots are unsightly and can make a person look much older than they are, especially when they appear on the face and hands.

Sun spots are very difficult to prevent entirely, but by wearing sunscreen and limiting your sun exposure you can delay their onset. However, if you are already suffering from liver spots, there are multiple means of reducing and eradicating them.

The skilled, board-certified dermatologists at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego are experts in the removal of liver spots. They utilize a variety of technologically advanced techniques and devices in their state of the art facilities that can quickly, efficiently, and virtually painlessly reduce the appearance of dark spots on your face, neck, chest, hands, and anywhere else they might appear. Liver spots are by no means an insurmountable challenge!patient undergoing a liver spots treatment in San Diego

Liver Spots Treatment Options in San Diego

Among the safe, efficient, and effective means of removing liver spots offered by Cosmetic Laser Dermatology are laser skin resurfacing, microneedling, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. Laser skin resurfacing is one of the most effective ways to reduce and even eliminate not only dark spots, but also wrinkles and other signs of sun damage, such as dull skin and rough texture. Cosmetic Laser Dermatology offers the largest number of cosmetic lasers on the west coast, with over 40 to choose from. This allows them to create custom laser treatment plans for each individual who needs one.

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At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, our physicians are experts at treating and correcting liver spots,sun damage, and various other pigment-related issues. Our dermatologists have undergone extensive training and even developed highly-refined techniques to improve your skin and rejuvenate your appearance. Contact us at 858.943.2113 or online to schedule an appointment.

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