Lasers are the only clinically proven approach to tattoo removal without causing scarring. Lasers like PicoSure, PicoWay, and Q-switched lasers are designed to deliver ultra-short pulses of light energy that effectively shatter ink in a tattoo.

At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, we offer our TotalTat³ procedure, which combines three different lasers to remove tattoos effectively and in fewer sessions than other laser tattoo removal treatments.

What is TotalTat³ Tattoo Removal?

Developed by Cosmetic Laser Dermatology’s board-certified dermatologists, TotalTat³ is our proprietary procedure for laser tattoo removal. The innovative system is designed to remove tattoos of any size and color from any body part, regardless of skin tone.

Introduction to TotalTat³ and Its Use of Lasers

We combine the PicoSure, PicoWay, and Accupulse lasers to create our TotalTat³ treatment. Picosecond lasers have been studied as a safe and effective treatment modality for an increasing range of dermatologic indications, including tattoo laser removal.

Cosmetic Laser Dermatology houses over 60+ laser, light, and energy devices, so we are equipped to offer a variety of advanced lasers that can effectively remove any type of tattoo ink.

Our cutting-edge system may include any of the following lasers for the removal of tattoos:

laser tattoo removal results

The Unique Features of Our TotalTat³ Approach

Each of our lasers is already powerful enough to provide remarkable tattoo removal results. Imagine what can be achieved when they are combined in one treatment session. As a combination laser tattoo removal treatment, TotalTat³ offers the following unique features:

  • Removes tattoos of all colors, shapes, and sizes: We are equipped to treat all kinds of tattoos. Having a wide array of lasers means versatility and a greater ability to utilize various wavelengths and bursts of energy to shatter tattoo ink. TotalTat³ can safely fade or remove the ink of every color on any part of the body and all skin types.
  • Removes ink with accuracy: Our lasers can also remove just a portion of a tattoo. For example, we can remove just an unwanted portion of an eyebrow or eyeliner tattoo.
  • Fewer sessions needed: Our combination approach can eliminate most tattoos in just 3-5 sessions. Traditional tattoo removal would need double or triple the number of sessions to produce the same results.
  • Treats cosmetic ink: Although cosmetic ink is different from body tattoo ink, we have the lasers necessary to effectively remove permanent makeup, including lip blushing.
  • Performed by tattoo removal experts: Laser treatments are only as effective as the one performing them. In addition to having expertise and experience in lasers, our board-certified dermatologists understand skin composition to recognize complications, provide the best care, and achieve the best outcome possible.

The Role of Lasers in TotalTat³ Tattoo Removal

How does tattoo removal work using lasers? Lasers remove tattoos by breaking up the color pigment.

During a procedure, a laser device delivers extremely powerful, extremely short pulses of light to the tattoo’s ink particles that absorb the light. The absorbed laser energy shatters the ink into smaller ink particles while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

In the weeks following a laser treatment, the body’s immune system naturally flushes out the shattered ink particles, causing the tattoo to fade from the skin. Over a series of treatments, more and more ink particles are shattered and flushed, leaving the skin free of ink.

before and after laser tattoo removal

What to Expect During and After TotalTat³ Tattoo Removal

We apply topical numbing cream or provide local anesthesia before the procedure to ensure a more comfortable treatment experience. You will also wear eye shields to protect your eyes during the procedure. When the laser tattoo removal machine’s device is passed over the treatment area, you may feel a brief sensation of heat that feels like a rubber band snapping against your skin. Cold air may be applied directly to the skin being treated to help minimize the sensation of heat.

“White frosting” may appear over the treated area, but this should subside shortly after your treatment. Other possible side effects include redness, mild swelling, and pinpoint bleeding. We will apply ointment over the treated area and cover the tattoo with a bandage to protect it.

Post-Procedure Care and Expected Results

After your session, you may return to your daily activities immediately. Tattoo removal aftercare instructions include:

  • Apply ice packs to help reduce the sensation of heat and minimize swelling.
  • If the treated area is on the face, sleep with your head slightly elevated for the first 2-3 nights. If the treated area is on the lower extremities (arms or legs), elevate these areas throughout the day and when sleeping for the first 3-5 nights to reduce swelling.
  • Don’t rub, pick, or wipe the treated area.
  • You may shower on the day of the procedure.
  • You can gently cleanse using your fingertips.
  • Apply an ointment daily for about 1-2 weeks until the treated area’s surface has healed.
  • Cover the treated area with a bandage so it won’t be rubbed or irritated by clothing.
  • Avoid sun exposure in the treated area during the healing process and wear a mineral total block sunscreen.

In most cases, treated tattoos completely fade. However, tattoo removal results can depend on several factors, including size, location, density of pigment, and how long you have had it.

Treated areas should not scar, but scarring is possible with any medical procedure. Following our detailed aftercare instructions can help reduce your chances of scarring.

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Discover the Benefits of TotalTat³

If you’re looking for an effective way to remove unwanted tattoos, TotalTat³ works on any ink color, achieves results in just 3-5 sessions, and has minimal side effects.

To learn more about how TotalTat³ can be the right solution for removing your tattoos, contact Cosmetic Laser Dermatology today to schedule a consultation.

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