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San Diego exilisCosmetic Laser Dermatology is one of the selected practices in San Diego to have the newest in skin contouring technology and cellulite treatments.  The Exilis laser procedure is the latest addition among the most effective cosmetic ways of reducing and eliminating excess and unwanted cellulite. Exilis is a cellulite treatment that is FDA approved technology and is primarily based on the medical marvels of radiofrequency or RF energy’s capabilities in terms of body shaping and circumferential reduction of targeted fatty deposits on the body.

  • Exilis reaches therapeutic thermal temperature rapidly
  • Exilis delivers more energy over shorter period of time
  • System intelligence eliminates energy peaks, preventing discomfort
  • EFC helps reduce risk of skin burns

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How does Exilis work?

Cellulite treatments like exilis work to employ the effective combination of radiofrequency energy (radio waves) and oscillating mechanical waves. The device employs controlled tissue heating via uniform molecule excitation hence, rattling out the fat lobules from their fibrous cage or where these fats are deposited and stored. The radiofrequency heat then, in turn melt them by increasing the metabolic activity which finally shrinks the size of the fat cells. To be able to prevent damage or burning of nearby tissues, the hand piece emitting the RF energy has an installed cooling device which simultaneously works during the entire procedure. At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, we are able to use the Exilis to target the arms, neck, chin, abdomen, and legs/thighs. Plus, most Exilis procedures are performed by the doctors themselves, rather than a nurse or PA.

Is Exilis effective?

Perhaps, the primary yardstick to measure the effectiveness of this new medical device is on the fat amounts or levels that it eventually reduces or eliminates. According to the proponents of this technology, conventional and other bipolar radio frequency device would provide cellulite reduction to patients at around 2 to 4 millimeters. Results are normally visible after the 2nd or 3rd treatment.

Who is suitable for Exilis treatment?

A patient may undergo Exilis or other cellulite treatments if all other fat or cellulite reduction procedure has been proven to be futile for him or her. At the same time, the procedure is ideal for those wanting for a non-invasive way of dealing with those excess fats. If you’d like to learn more about undergoing treatment with our team of world-renowned dermatologists in San Diego today, we encourage you to contact our medical practice to schedule your initial consultation.

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