Before and after front image of Voluma treatment on a female's cheeks performed by Dr. Fabi at our San Diego medical clinic

Voluma filler treatment for cheek augmentation by Dr. Fabi. Disclaimer: Results may vary from patient to patient. Results are not guaranteed. Actual un-retouched patient before and after.

Having cheek augmentation in San Diego is a cosmetic surgery procedure for facial rejuvenation. The implants made from a soft material will be placed on top of a cheekbone. If implants are not the choice of the patient, his or her fat can be used, or soft dermal fillers such as like Juvederm or Restylane may be utilized.

Implants for Cheek Augmentation in San Diego

The implants that can be used to augment the cheek can be made from different materials, but typically it is made up of a solid silicone. There are also porous but with density materials such as the polyethylene or the expanded polytetrafluoroethylene.

They are inert in nature and integrate very well with the other tissues underneath the skin as well as the cheekbone. The only problem with using them is that they are harder to remove than the regular silicone implants as they are already integrated and have grown into the tissues. The implants also come in three standard shapes which can either be subtalar, malar or the combination of both.

The subtalar implants are not really for augmenting the cheekbones but primarily for sunken cheeks treatment. The next one is called the molar shape wherein it is placed directly on the cheekbones to give it a higher look for a better projection and definition. Then the last one is the combined characteristics of the malar and subtalar where it allows the cheekbones and the mid face to be augmented for a rounder look.

While when it comes to the filters, typically used are those made from hyaluronic acid are the best way to augment the cheeks. Although the patient’s fat can be extracted and then reinjected to the cheeks intends to become more temporary than cheek fillers because the fat just gets reabsorbed by the body. Either way, the procedure is meant to give the face a healthier look. The high cheekbones show a different glow for the face and make a smile more appealing and attractive because of its projection.

Facial Skin Care After Cheek Augmentation

You will also be advised to take care of your facial skin. Cleaning your skin with a good facial cleanser will help improve its quality. This is also the time for you to load up on the moisturizer, so the elasticity of the skin will be improved and will not get all dried and cracked up when it gets stretched when the volume is added to it.

Risks And Limitations of Treatment

While cheek augmentation procedures are very safe, there are some risks and restrictions that you should consider. These factors may be more or less likely given your general health and the health of your skin. Only your plastic surgeon can provide you with information about your specific situation for cheek volume restoration.


Cheek augmentation procedures can not do everything some people desire. They can help fill out your cheeks and help you to look more awake, alert and youthful. However, they won’t change the look or texture of your skin.

Potential Risks: Movement

One potential risk is that a cheek implant, or any facial implant for that matter, can shift out of alignment unexpectedly. After several months, the inner tissues of your face will grow and conform around the implants; however, until that time, there is a chance that the implants can move.

If an implant moves to a different spot in your face, there is a good chance that you will need a second surgery to repair any damage and move it to the proper spot. This second surgery may be discounted if the surgeon is at fault, but if the move is simply a natural occurrence, you will have to pay.

Potential Risks: Infection

Another potential risk with any surgery is infection. If infection forms in your incision or in the tissue around the implant, you may experience severe pain. Infections should be able to be treated with antibiotics; however, if the infection does not get better, the implant may have to be temporarily removed and replaced at a later date.

Unlikely Risks: Silicone

Many implants are made from solid silicone. At some point in the future, these implants could begin to leak. Though there has been no conclusive research proving that silicone is harmful, many patients are concerned about having silicone implants. If you are concerned, inform your doctor so that he can choose a different type of implant.

Before Your Surgery

Before you even make the decision to have surgery, be sure you consider what you want. What type of look are you going for? If possible, have your surgeon explain to you the possible changes using several types of implants and procedures. You need to find out whether or not your expectations are reasonable before you agree to the surgery, not after.

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