A common red facial disorder that affects many people in San Diego is a condition called rosacea. The most common symptom of this skin ailment is a red, flushed appearance to the skin of the face and neck, as well as red, irritated eyes, sensitive skin, and even a burning sensation during flare ups. At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in SD, our skilled, professional dermatologists are proud to offer a cutting-edge treatment for rosacea that is both safe and effective. This treatment is called intense pulsed light (IPL) laser therapy. To learn more about this procedure and whether it can help you achieve the clear, healthy complexion you want, please do not hesitate to get in touch and schedule a consultation.

Treating Red Facial Disorder SD

In order to eliminate the painful and unsightly symptoms of rosacea, the dermatologists at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology use the Rosacea IPL treatment device to direct broad spectrum light rays to specific layers of skin tissue to target specific problems, such as pigmentation, broken blood vessels, and damaged tissue. The treatment triggers the skin’s natural healing process to replenish the targeted skin cells and achieve healthy, smooth skin that is free of unsightly redness.

An IPL session typically takes only about half an hour to 45 minutes and requires no recovery time, unlike typical cosmetic laser treatments. Following a session, patients can return to their daily life with only a slight redness or puffiness to the skin that typically disappears in a matter of hours. Even better, after a series of sessions, patients can enjoy the full results for a long time, especially if they take good care of their skin.

To have a comprehensive exam with a dermatology specialist, schedule an appointment with Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego today! The clear, even skin and relief you need from rosacea is only a phone call away!

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