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take10 laser skin resurfacing results on a patient from san diego
take10 laser skin resurfacing results
take10 laser skin resurfacing results on a patient from san diego
take10 laser skin resurfacing before and after
before and after of the take10 procedure at cosmetic laser dermatology
take10 before and after on a female patient from san diego
before and 8 months after laser skin resurfacing take10 procedure
take10 laser procedure results



The experience I had with Dr. Groff was absolutely spectacular. Very informative, very attentive, very personable. There was this aire of expertise that made me feel very comfortable and while I won’t mention what I went in for because it is very personal, I will say that my laser treatment was literally 100% painless. HIGHLY recommend. I am more than satisfied with my experience.

I have been to several dermatology groups over the years but I have never felt so valued and so comfortable than I feel with CLD. All of the staff and doctors I have worked with have been exceptional!! They are all professional and kind. I would not hesitate is recommending this office to anyone. Thank You!!!

This office is awesome. My visit today was with Dr Groff. His bed side manner is so fun and welcoming. He understood my concerns and recommended a treatment plan that I feel was reasonable. I love his staff! They take there time to make sure you understand the treatment and after care. Everyone in the office, from the front desk to the nurses in the back, are so friendly and beautiful. They are very prompt and I trust my care with CLD. I can’t wait for my next visit. See you guys in a few weeks!

I have been seeing Dr Fabi for several years, she is a wonderful and very caring doctor. The outcome and care I receive from her always exceeds my expectations. Her work creates a natural and beautiful result that never disappoints. I highly recommend her!

I feel I got personalized treatment throughout the process. They were thorough with an eye on detail. I appreciated they way I was treated- not just a patient, but as a person. Very pleased with the personnel from the receptionist to the doctors. I would definitely recommend.

Experience the Take10 Difference

Address All Your Concerns in One Treatment

Take10 takes a holistic view of your rejuvenation journey, expertly addressing multiple concerns in a single session. Whether it’s stubborn brown and red spots, bothersome wrinkles, or lax skin, Take10 provides a tailored solution to tackle all your aesthetic needs.

Get Surgical-Like Results, Minus the Surgery

Take10 is a revolutionary non-surgical alternative to a facelift that brings the same level of rejuvenation without the associated risks, scarring, or extended recovery time.

Combine 3+ Lasers for Maximum Impact

The Take10 combines multiple treatments into one session to bring maximum results in minimal time.

Recover Faster Than Surgical Interventions

Because the treatments are combined into one session, downtime is significantly reduced compared to other more intensive, surgical options. Downtime from a Take10 feels like a sunburn for 7-10+ days, while surgical downtime typically involves 4-6+ weeks of bruising, swelling, and scars.

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Will It Look Like I Had Work Done?

Well, do these people look like they had work done?
take10 before clderm take10 after
take10 before on a female patient take10 after on a female patient
before take10 laser skin resurfacing after take10 laser skin resurfacing
take10 laser procedure before take10 laser procedure after
take10 on a female patient from san diego before take10 on a female patient from san diego after
take10 before take10 after
take10 on an older female patient before take10 on an older female patient after
laser resurfacing take10 before laser resurfacing take10 after
patient before take10 patient after take10
female patient before laser resurfacing take10 procedure female patient after laser resurfacing take10 procedure

The Ultimate Solution to a Younger You

Instead of undergoing a surgical facelift, Take10 utilizes a combination of laser devices to restore a youthful appearance. During a consultation with one of our expert laser dermatologists, we will examine your skin and ask you about the results you want to see from the procedure.

Take10 can be used to

A personalized treatment plan will be developed specifically for you, including a unique blend of lasers. Because our practice utilizes so many lasers in-house, our doctors can customize this combination treatment specifically for each patient’s needs. Multiple lasers, such as fractional and/or ablative CO2 lasers, will be used at the same time in order to effectively target each skin concern. Treatments can be performed on the full face.

Since treatment is customized, cost will vary. However, we offer consultations to help determine what combination of treatments will be the most effective.

Treatment Package Options Include:

starline green

Fraxel Re:pair laser for collagen remodeling

starline green

UltraPulse® CO2 and Erbium lasers for fine lines and wrinkles

starline green

Alexandrite TriVantage to eliminate unwanted brown spots

starline green

Vbeam Perfecta® laser to treat red patches and broken blood vessels on the face

starline green

Alexandrite and YAG lasers to help minimize the visibility of facial veins and capillaries around the eyes and temples

starline green

Active/Deep FX™ lasers for fractional CO2 resurfacing


Take10 Laser Dermatology Treatment with Dr. Wu

Combination Laser Resurfacing Treatment with Dr. Groff

What is Take10?

Take10 is a revolutionary, customizable procedure created and offered exclusively at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology that combines several laser treatments, including at least one resurfacing laser, to rejuvenate the face. A Take10 treatment will repair sun damage, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, remove facial veins, improve skin texture, and add volume back to the face.

What can I expect after my treatment?

After Take10, your skin should look rejuvenated and much healthier than before. The results are long-lasting but not permanent. The better care you take of your skin by protecting it from future sun damage, the longer the results will last.

How much downtime is required?

There is some social downtime required after Take10 treatments, but it is significantly less time than would be needed after a surgical facelift. Most patients need 7-10 days to recover fully. The less aggressive the treatment, the quicker you will recover. Age is also a factor in recovery; younger patients may only need 5-6 days to recover.

When will I see the results of my treatment?

You will start seeing results soon after your treatment, but it takes 3-6 months until full results from the laser treatments are visible.

Can lasers and injectables be used together?

Yes. Patients experience great results when laser treatments are combined with injectables. We often combine our Take10 treatments with fillers and Botox to achieve a more youthful appearance.

What is the cost?

Take10 costs vary depending on each patient’s unique needs and how many areas you want to have treated. During a consultation, one of our laser dermatologists will give you a cost estimate for your Take10 treatment plan.

What are the side effects?

As with most lasers, there are some mild side effects that you may experience. Side effects can include swelling or redness after the procedure. However, these will clear up within a week.

Can the Take10 be combined with other treatments?

Yes, the Take10 can be seamlessly combined with a range of complementary treatments to maximize your results. Our esteemed team of board-certified dermatologists will curate a personalized treatment plan tailored precisely to your unique needs. This may involve adding injectable fillers, Botox, or cutting-edge skin tightening procedures like ThermiTight to your Take10 treatment plan. Through this comprehensive approach, we ensure that every aspect of your rejuvenation journey is optimized to deliver remarkable outcomes.

Does Take10 fix sagging skin?

While Take10 is an exceptional treatment for addressing various signs of aging, it is important to note that significantly sagging skin may require surgical interventions for optimal correction. However, Take10 can significantly improve skin tightness and revitalization, resulting in a noticeably more youthful appearance. Our board-certified dermatologists will assess your individual concerns and provide expert guidance on the most suitable course of action.

Does Take10 fix skin texture?

Yes, Take10 can reduce the appearance of uneven texture or rough skin by resurfacing the skin with lasers. Our board-certified dermatologists are highly skilled in customizing the treatment to target your specific texture concerns, leaving you with smoother, more refined skin.

Take10 is a proprietary treatment available exclusively at Cosmetic and Laser Dermatology. Our board-certified dermatologists in San Diego boast unparalleled experience in performing a wide range of laser, light, and energy treatments. We can tailor this non-surgical treatment to address your unique skin concerns and enhance your aesthetic beauty. Contact us today to learn more about the Take10 procedure.

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