The University of California San Diego (UCSD) is one of the six Universities of California. With large funding, UCSD is one of the best research universities. The students are dedicated to innovation and making the world a better place, and being in San Diego is a great help to kickstarting their careers.

There are a plethora of opportunities in the San Diego area and UCSD makes sure that their students can take advantage of the technologically advanced city they are studying in. UCSD has many research programs so that their students can get real-world experiences.

UCSD has other programs, other than in research, for a diverse student body. There are six colleges within the university including Revelle College, John Muir College, Thurgood Marshall College, Earl Warren College, Eleanor Roosevelt College, and Sixth College. The college students choose to enroll into does not affect their major but the factors they value the most for their education and the general education requirements they want to focus on. This system is unique to UCSD and makes it stick out from the other Universities of California.

The university also has on-campus housing and other amenities. Most importantly, students have access to San Diego and its historic neighborhoods, culture, food, attractions, and beautiful weather.

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