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Your thighs are a major reason for an attractive shape. Unfortunately, the thighs tend to store excess fat that is incredibly resistant to both diet and exercise after a certain point, which makes them among the toughest areas on your body  to eliminate fat. Even if you’re healthy, at the optimal weight, or otherwise slim and toned, your thighs are notorious for retaining pockets of fat. Unfortunately, the troublesome fat on your thighs is most likely due to genetics, making your challenge that much more difficult.

However, there are options – surgical and non-surgical procedures designed specifically to target fat thighs and restore their youthful shape. At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology San Diego, our world-renowned cosmetic and medical dermatologists are proud to offer a variety of treatments for thigh contouring.

Surgical Thigh Contouring Procedures


If you’ve ever tried to fit into jeans with fat outer thighs, you know the difficulty in finding the right pair that fit comfortably. If you have fatty inner thighs, it’s no better, as the legs often rub together when walking, which can cause chafing and discomfort. The expert Oceanside dermatologists at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology provide the most precise thigh contouring liposculpture treatment possible to rid your thighs of those undesirable fatty deposits and give you the slimmer legs you want. The body contouring procedure can target either your outer or inner thighs.

Outer Thighs Lipoplasty

“Saddle bags,” as fatty outer thighs are often called, affect women of all ages, sizes, and races. No amount of exercise or healthy eating will completely erase your thigh fat, either, which can be extremely frustrating.

Your expert practitioner will employ an innovative technique called tumescent lipoplasty treatment to gently extract the targeted unwanted fat cells from your thigh through tiny cannulas inserted into minute incisions. Then your remaining thigh fat will be sculpted until the desired contour is reached.

Inner Thighs Liposuction

This thigh contouring procedure utilizes the same tumescent liposculpture technique to remove excess fat from your inner thighs. This will halt the irritation caused by your thighs rubbing together.

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Non-Surgical Contouring Procedures

These treatment options are popular because they’re either minimally invasive or non-invasive and less painful than surgery. Furthermore, they don’t entail as much downtime. The most effective non-surgical thigh contouring treatments include:


This innovative treatment freezes your  unwanted thigh fat cells, causing  your body to eliminate them over the ensuing days and weeks. CoolSculpting is a safe, FDA-approved thigh contouring procedure results in noticeable, yet natural-looking fat reduction. You’ll have no downtime and you’ll begin seeing the fantastic results you’ve been looking for.


Ultherapy is a new type of non-invasive cosmetic treatment for fighting fat. Cosmetic Laser Dermatology was one of the first cosmetic dermatology centers in the country to use this treatment, so you won’t find a better place to have it done.

Ultherapy directs sound waves deep into the skin, gently heating your skin and tissue until it is tightened and lifted. The results are amazing and start appearing in about two to three months. A hidden benefit that only adds to the effectiveness of this thigh contouring treatment is that Ultherapy stimulates the production of new collagen by your body. This not only helps your skin look and stay toned, it helps make your thigh contouring treatment  look more natural.


ThermiLift is a unique cosmetic treatment that shoots penetrating radiofrequency energy into targeted areas. Enough heat is generated by this energy to melt the targeted undesirable thigh fat and stimulate collagen growth. This FDA-approved micro-invasive body contouring treatment allows the expert practitioner at Cosmetic Laser Surgery control the heat safely and assuredly. The results are minimal downtime and tighter, firmer thighs that make your legs look fantastic!


An unfortunate consequence of extra deposits of fat on your thighs is the development of cellulite. Treatment with Vanquish treats your visible cellulite using a contact-less thigh contouring device that shoots penetrating thermal energy into your thighs to break down those troublesome fat cells before your body eventually disposes of them. Although the device never quite touches you, your practitioner will apply a cooling application to your skin right before treatment for the utmost convenience and comfort.


Disclaimer: Cosmetic Laser Dermatology no longer provides this service in favor of the more effective thigh sculpting procedures detailed on this page.

This thigh contouring treatment permanently eliminates fat cells by targeting ultrasound waves directly into the selected problem areas on your thighs. To be more precise, LipoSonix employs High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to penetrate just a couple of centimeters below your skin, which causes those unwanted fat cells to die in a manner that’s safe for you. There’s no trauma to your skin and you can expect to see noticeable results around the thighs after a single one-hour procedure.


*Disclaimer: Cosmetic Laser Dermatology no longer offers UltraShape treatments in favor of the more effective body contouring procedures detailed on this page.

UltraShape utilizes pulsed ultrasound waves to destroy that stubborn thigh fat that you’re trying to get rid of. The focused sound waves attack the fat cells until they literally disintegrate into microscopic particles. No other tissue is touched or harmed, and the dissolved fat cells are eventually eliminated from the body. There is little or no pain, and best of all, there is no downtime.

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No single treatment is the perfect for everyone. What’s effective for one patient’s thigh contouring needs isn’t necessarily right for a patient with similar issues. That’s why we urge you to contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss your general health, body concerns, and treatment options. Call us today at 858.943.2113 or visit Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego.

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