Del Mar Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation

When the subject of breast augmentation comes up, many people automatically

think of enlarging the breasts. However, for many women, size is not a concern as much as sagginess or loss of firmness. Often, after losing weight or breastfeeding, women experience breast ptosis (drooping or sagging), which can make them feel self-conscious or uncomfortable.

At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, we understand that many women are interested in breast augmentation but aren’t keen on going under the knife; in fact,

many are not even sure which procedure is best, especially among non-surgical alternatives. That’s why we’re proud to offer ThermiBreast lift, a non-surgical breast

lift procedure that uses radiofrequency technology to improve minor breast sagging.

The ThermiBreast Lift for Minor Breast Ptosis

Several approaches are possible to correct breast ptosis. For women with ptosis of more than 1.5 inches (4 cm), a traditional breast lift operation is effective. Many women choose this option to correct moderate to severe ptosis.

For women with only slight ptosis – no more than 1 inch (2.5 cm) – a surgical operation is not the only option.

A non-surgical breast lift alternative, such as ThermiTight by Thermi, an Almirall Company, uses the gentle skin tightening technology of radiofrequency energy to increase collagen production to give the breasts a minor lift.

Who Can Benefit from a Non-Surgical ThermiTight Lift?

Women who have minor breast ptosis (breast drooping) can benefit from a ThermiBreast treatment because their drooping is not enough to warrant such an invasive, complex procedure as surgery. They also might not have the type of nipple position that would benefit from an implant.

The typical candidate is a woman who is happy with her breast size but not the loss of perkiness. She wants to improve the appearance of her breasts without going under the knife and without dealing with visible scars.

Although it can be effective for tightening breasts with slight ptosis, a ThermiBreast lift in San Diego cannot remove excess skin or tissue that often accompanies significant breast ptosis.

Non-Invasive Breast Lift without the Scars

La Jolla Breast Augmentation AlternativeFor a woman with slight breast sag from weight loss, pregnancy, or aging, a traditional breast lift surgery can be excessive. A ThermiBreast lift with ThermiTight is a non-surgical alternative. The radiofrequency technology gently and gradually heats the tissue to tighten skin, which adds volume by giving the breast a minor “lift.”

Women with relatively small breasts and minimal sagging find this ideal for adding a small lift to their breasts and elevation of their nipples. It is also effective for women in San Diego who don’t have implants.

The procedure is minimally invasive and safe. It leaves no scars, just a noticeable improvement in lift and firmness.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Once anesthesia is administered locally, the ThermiTight probe will be inserted into the breast through tiny needle holes made around the nipples. Radiofrequency energy is sent into the tissue and gradually heats it. Eventually, the skin in the targeted area contracts and tightens the overall appearance.

As a result of the hour-long ThermiBreast lift, the skin is immediately remodeled and tightened. The skin ramps up its collagen production rate and, over the next 4-8 weeks, the position of the nipple elevated is 1-3 cm on each side. The renewed production of collagen may also improve thinning skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Recovery Time

The ThermiBreast non-surgical breast lift can be performed in the surgeon’s office and because of its minimally-invasive body contouring nature, recovery is relatively quick and straightforward.

With no incisions, there are no resulting stitches or scars. However, there could be minimal bruising and swelling, which should recede within a few days. During this time, a tight sports bra is strongly recommended for at least a week to support the breasts and keep the swelling down.

There are few other limitations, as patients can shower later and get back to work the next day. After a week, patients can start hitting the gym or getting back to their exercise routine.

A ThermiBreast lift is not intended to replace traditional breast lift surgery in women who have moderate to severe breast ptosis. But it is a safe, effective breast augmentation alternative for women who have minor breast ptosis or who want to avoid surgery.

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