StrataMED Advanced Wound Dressing

StrataMED Advanced Wound Dressing


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Stratamed is the ideal wound dressing for surgeries, full-field resurfacing procedures (i.e. ablative lasers) and deeper wounds.

Intended use:

  • post surgery
  • wounds
  • trauma
  • abrasions
  • burns

Stratamed is designed for all skin types. It is suitable for pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children or people with sensitive skin. Stratamed is transparent and odorless. It does not contain alcohol, fragrances or parabens. Stratamed always remains on top of the wound bed or newly formed granulation tissue.

Additional information

How It Works

Stratamed dries to form a thin, flexible, protective layer that is gas permeable and waterproof. It hydrates and protects compromised skin areas and open wounds from chemical and microbial invasion. Epidermal cells are able to move to the surface of the dermis through wound exsudate which collects at the wound dressing interface. This environment prevents secondary tissue damage resulting from dehydration. This environement promotes enzymatic autolytic debridement. Wound exudate, which carries a number of growth factors essential to the healing of wounds, is kept protected in the wound-dressing interface. Stratamed emulates the epidermal barrier and helps enhance the healing of wounds. Stratamed prevents water loss while maintaining the oxygen transfer rate. The wound is kept in an optimal environment for healing.

How To Use

Apply once daily, or twice daily to exposed areas or as advised by your physician. For best results, Stratamed should maintain continuous contact with the skin (24 hours a day/ 7 days a week).

How To Apply

Step 1: Prepare your skin
Ensure that the affected skin or superficial wound is clean. Gently pat dry as much excess exudate or wound fluid from the area as possible prior to the gel application.
Step 2: Apply Stratamed
Apply a very thin layer of Stratamed directly to the affected area.
Without secondary dressing:
Step 3 A: Allow the gel to dry
When applied correctly, Stratamed should be dry in 5–6 minutes. If it takes longer to dry, you have probably applied too much. Gently remove any excess gel with a tissue or paper towel and allow the drying process to continue.
With secondary dressing:
Step 3 B: Cover with secondary dressing
Apply a thin layer of Stratamed, then cover with a secondary dressing. Drying is not necessary. Stratamed should be reapplied when changing the dressing, when checking the wound progress, or as advised by your physician.


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