San Diego, as one of the largest cities in California, is not only home to many innovators of technology, but also to innovators of cuisine. The variety of food found in San Diego is remarkable, but Spanish food seems to be executed beautifully by the elite chefs in San Diego. For example, Cafe Sevilla is a restaurant that takes tapas to the next level.

Tapas are a common sight in Spain and are small dishes that hold a world of flavor. In Spain, the food culture is to eat a few tapas at one bar and then move onto the next, trying many dishes for an optimized food experience.

Cafe Sevilla is a Spanish restaurant and tapas bar in the Gaslamp District. It is a restaurant, bar, and nightclub, like many other places in the area. Some classic Spanish dishes found on the menu are paella, ceviche, calamari, patatas bravas, Spanish tortilla, and other meat and seafood dishes. As seen in Spain, a glass of wine or sangria can be a great addition to the meal.

Cafe Sevilla goes beyond just serving delicious food but also has live entertainment, such as Flamenco dancing and music native to Spain.

The dedication to representing Spanish culture is what makes Cafe Sevilla stand out amongst other restaurants in the Gaslamp District and in San Diego as a whole.

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