hair restorationWe have made tremendous progress in our capabilities of surgically restoring hair growth in a very natural manner in those who have lost hair from heredity, scarring, or surgical procedures such as a facelift. A natural appearance is achieved by transplanting the hairs in the natural units in which they grow – usually small units of 2 or 3 hairs. One of the limitations of this hair transplantation procedure, though, is the limited supply of donor hair.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could actually develop new hair follicles without transplanting them? Well, we are not far away from being able to do that in a very predictable and significant manner. A local company, Histogen, has developed a bioengineered formulation termed Hair Stimulating Complex (HSC) that plays an essential role in triggering stem cell activity to produce new hair follicles and stimulate increased hair growth in existing follicles. Studies involving over 100 patients have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of this formulation in stimulating hair growth with as little as a single treatment session. How much hair can be stimulated in each person varies, but increased density of hair was seen in all study patients and persisted for at least the 6-month period of the study.

In addition, a variant of this formulation, Follicular Holding Solution (FHS), has been used as a storage media to hold hair follicles prepared for transplantation. FHS enhances survival of the hair follicles to be transplanted and stimulates stem cells in the follicles. Studies with FHS used in conjunction with follicular unit hair transplantation have demonstrated faster healing, less scarring and enhanced follicular survival with better hair growth following hair transplantation. Use of FHS with any hair transplant procedure will result in better hair growth and better density than could be achieved without FHS.

Hair Restoration at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology

Our very own Dr. Fitzpatrick is now working with Dr. Gail Naughton, the developer of HSC and FHS, doing clinical studies and other procedures using both of these formulations. He is very excited about these opportunities and the capability to provide unequaled clinical results in restoration of hair growth.

Dr. Fitzpatrick currently performs NeoGraft hair transplantation at Goldman, Butterwick, Fitzpatrick, Groff & Fabi Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego on patients over the age of 21 who are battling hair loss. Dr. Fitzpatrick uses innovative hair transplantation techniques and cutting-edge tools to provide hair transplant patients with a natural-looking hair transplant result.

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